‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook


‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook

If you’re like me, you’ve got big dreams. Dreams like creating a profitable, sustainable, creative spiritual business. For years you have poured into it and it’s still not taking off. Or maybe you want to meet that special someone. Yet for years, dating has seemed like a bad joke at your expense. Or are you and your partner struggling to get pregnant? Each month arrives with a ‘negative’ line appearing as if you will never hold your dream child.

Your heart and body ache for your dream. You were created with the imprint to go after it as such a time as this. Well meaning friends say, “Well, you should stop trying. It will come to you.”

Of course, their comments only frustrate you more. And, yet another year passes with an unfilled dream etched in your soul.

In the meantime, frustration rises in you. You wonder if you should give up.

I know all too well those feelings. One of the circumstances I mentioned above, I experienced years ago. Utter devastation would encompass me every month when I found out that I wasn’t pregnant. I would be curled up in ball on the floor of my bathroom crying in deep grief for yet another month of an unfilled dream.

I knew in my heart I was meant to have children. I would ask myself with tears streaming down my face, “Why wasn’t it happening? What is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong?” I felt like a failure while thinking my body was failing me.

Eventually, after a year, I got pregnant with my first child. And, soon after, my second son. Looking back (they are 26 and 24) I can see the perfect timing of their arrivals.

And, now as I wait for other dreams to come to fruition, I’m having to practice what I learned long ago.

1-Practice gratitude. 

Pour into your journal, prayers, and meditations how grateful you are for exactly where you are right now. List everything in your life that is there. Be thankful for this waiting season in your life. It will help you see the many blessings so that even more can come in.

2-Practice impeccable self-care.

Pour into yourself. Love on yourself like you’ve never loved on yourself. You deserve it. You’ve been given a huge dream that is bubbling up in your body. Your body needs to be honored, respected, and loved on during this trying time.  Take care of yourself intellectually (watch your mind chatter), emotionally (handle your emotions as they arise—do not numb or stuff them back down), physically (take daily walks in nature, practice restorative yoga, and nourish your body with balanced diet of organic veggies/fruits and grass-fed meats), and energetically (get rid of toxic people and drama in your life).

3-Do one thing. 

Do one thing each day that gets you ready to receive your dream. Are you waiting on a child? Maybe sew a baby blanket. Creating that business serving others? Begin today doing that which you love whether you get paid or not. Waiting to meet someone special? Often we’re so busy that there isn’t space for another to squeeze themselves into our too-busy lifestyle. Make room in your life for that desired partner by cutting out unnecessary activities.

4-Get busy acting as if. 

While you’re being grateful and practicing impeccable self care, get busy acting as if you are already living with your dream. Whatever that is… act as if it’s already here. How would you act different? Would you whine about how you don’t have something? No, you would write in your gratitude journal how thankful you are that you are with child. Or that you’re serving in your profitable soulful business. Or you’re thankful for time with your beloved. Whatever it is you’re hoping for, begin to act as if you already have it. Notice your body relax. Notice your demeanor change to joy. Notice your smile return to your face.

5-Surrender the HOW and WHEN.

This is the most difficult step. I know because I do this on an almost daily basis right now. My heart and body desperately ache for these dreams that have been imprinted in my soul. I can’t give up on me or why I’m walking this earth, nor can you. There are people counting on your dream to be fulfilled. In order to ease the pain of waiting though, we must surrender the HOW it’s going to happen and WHEN it’s going to happen. Begin a meditation asking for help to stop the struggle. Stop the frustration. Ask for help to surrender your dream, the HOW and the WHEN of it, as well. Sit in that for as long as it takes, every day. Whenever you’re feeling like you just can’t wait any longer on the perfect timing, this is the perfect time to surrender. Again and again.

Our dreams etched in our very being will come to fruition at the right time. The right time though, isn’t up to us. In the meantime, you know what to do while you wait expecting joyfully.