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According to Ricardo Levy, chairman of Catalytica Energy Systems, executives are trained for action—contemplation is not part of their rulebook. In his own career, however, he discovered the need for spiritual guidance in crucial decisions, especially those that affect other people such as employees, he said.

Levy’s guidelines are:

–Quiet the mind.

–Reach deep inside. Go beyond the ego to hear the inner voice. Don’t fear ambiguity; rest in the unknown. “This is the most difficult piece,” Levy admitted. “We’re not comfortable unless we see the path.”

–Stay humble in the face of temptation and power. “Being humble is a key issue. It’s good for a leader to be reminded of the intoxication of power.”

In the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, spiritual guru, OSHO’s personal attorney, Philip Toelkes (a.k.a. Swami Prem Niren) says he was working for the “fastest growing law firm in US. I was born to do this. But I was working my ass off. I was f***king toast. I was done. After I got divorced, I thought what am I doing? Eating, drinking too much working too much. For what? I decided enough is enough. I resigned my partnership. People thought I was crazy for walking away from the gold mine. So, I went to India. Felt like I had come home.” 

Philip and the many other leading executives are finding when they personally open up to spiritual advisors and their own guiding inner wisdom are considerable immeasurable benefits; including:

    A deeper meaning in their work aligned with their values 

    Clarity of their own higher purpose

    Obstacles are removed (unprocessed emotions and non-serving beliefs)

    A heart connection (to themselves, to God, and others)


All of the above fulfills their soul’s yearning and gives them a powerful and positive edge in life they’ve never experienced before.

In A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America, business professor Ian I. Mitroff found that “Spirituality could be the ultimate competitive advantage.”  

This competitive edge comes from allowing a spiritual coach to advise you in tapping into your own intuitive abilities by going within.

Intuition is defined as: “The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” Everyone is intuitive at some level. It is making the complex, simple. The only difference is the inner work they have done at becoming a  clear channel in order to receive the information. Often you will hear a CEO say, “It was a gut decision” or “I felt it was right.” That is their intuition at work. It’s a feeling or a clear knowing of what to do.  


High powered executives know that learning to tap into their own GPS is the key to up-leveling their life and business. If you’re ready to fast track your success and enhance your decision making as you learn to lead from both the head and heart, I’d be happy to have a complimentary consultation with you.

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Until then, here are 3 Recommended Steps for creating more success, more fulfillment and more satisfaction in your life:

1. Be Still.  Take some quiet time each day — set a timer even if only for a few minutes — to listen to that still small voice within. Sit quietly with your eyes closed or staring into the stillness of nature. The time you take for noticing allows your soul to whisper to you.  

2. Become Aware of the Mind Chatter.  As you are being still, mind chatter may begin to take over. Humans have an average of 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. According to some researchers as many as 98% are exactly the same as the day before. Even more significant, 80 percent of our thoughts are negative, which are particularly draining of our energy. Begin to pay attention to your thoughts. Once you notice the negative thoughts running in the background, you can choose to change them. It starts with awareness.  

3. Practice Mindfulness by focusing intently on the present moment during various activities (eating, walking, working, talking, yoga, or purposeful breathing). Mindfulness is paying attention to what’s in front of you and not judging it. Being mindful alone allows you to develop emotional intelligence (EQ) which is imperative (and proven) to enhance your professional success. EQ is being aware, controlling, and expressing your own emotions and handling interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. It is another way of looking at spiritual growth as you understand yourself better, tune into your own emotions and recognize the emotions and needs of others.   


These 3 Steps together can rewire your brain for incredible satisfaction and is the start of a spiritual connection to yourself that feeds your hearts’ greatest desires.

If you’d like additional support as you work through these recommendations, feel free to connect with me. I can help you tune into yourself to create greater satisfaction and fulfillment in your life and career. 

And isn’t that what you really want?

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