You have worked hard over the past many years to build your successful business. Every cell in your body says you were born to do the work that you are currently doing.

You are at the top of your game enjoying your outwardly success. Many look to you as their mentor. Their boss. Their confidant. A leader.

Business is booming and life is moving fast. You’ve accomplished your goals while retaining honor in your word and actions. 

But yet, something is off. Something is missing.

You are searching. Seeking something greater in life.

YOU feel it. Right now, everything seems meaningless.

All the stuff. All the possessions you need to take care of.

What’s it all for anyway, you ask?

Even with all your money, status, and material abundance, your soul isn’t satisfied. It’s screaming for something. Something different that will satisfy you from the inside — out.

And yet, that “something” is hard to pinpoint. It is elusive.

But it is real, and painful at a deeper level.


It’s that empty feeling even though you’re full.

Perhaps agitated, angry, or guilty for reasons unknown.

Maybe depressed or frustrated, all the while you are telling yourself you should be happy.

But the truth is, you are not satisfied with the status quo. What you used to do to dull the feelings of your silently screaming soul, isn’t working any longer.

You seek deeper meaning and fulfillment beyond the riches you have already achieved. You go-go-go all the time, push, strive, conquer the world, while filling that not-so-quiet-any-longer voice inside you, hasn’t been a priority.

All this talk of deeper meaning beyond material abundance, filing yourself from the inside—out, satisfying the calling of your soul, your spirit, your higher self, points to the realm of “spirituality” in its many forms.

You tell yourself you don’t want to bring religion or other’s many spiritual beliefs into the board room for a variety of reasons. However, you realize you no longer can ignore the voice of your soul’s yearning. You and everyone in your organization are each holistic human beings. All areas of each “self” must be fed, nurtured and sustained on a daily basis— intellectually, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. 

CEO’s who continue to grow are just now beginning to recognize they can’t detach themselves or a team member from their spirit to do their work. The key to living a deep, satisfying and fulfilling life, not to mention growing in your leadership position, will only result from nurturing the growth of your spirit. Your business mirrors you. It can only grow to the extent that you grow. Your team can only grow has high/much as you do.  Don’t limit them, don’t limit you.


To be continued…