Life has taken some unexpected twists and turns. Even though it may not feel “good” in the moment, I know all is as it should be. Maybe you’ve been there? I’ve gone deeper inside with each (appearing) setback questioning what brings me joy, getting rid of what doesn’t and praying how I can serve you, my awesome community being open, transparent and authentic. Over and over I go back to my first book, More Than Enough: Discover Your Limitless Potential and Live Your Bravest Dream.

Recently I’ve thought, I wrote the book and now, I can move onto something more important, more meaningful to serve my community. So, I looked everywhere for the new message I was supposed to teach—inside myself as well as others. Never did I find it. I felt stuck, frustrated. Even angry at God.

Have you ever gone searching for something and the answer was right in front of you?

Finally, in my quiet time (Chapter 1 of my book to be still), I was reminded again that I am “more than enough”. I continue to peel back layers of this ‘NOT ENOUGH’ everyday. We teach what we ourselves need to learn.

Many others also need support understanding how their worthiness and own self-esteem is at the CORE of all they are and do. It is the small, hidden rudder steering their ship of life. The relationship with ourselves is THE CORNERSTONE of our entire life. It’s the essential piece to the puzzle bridging us to a healthy life [intellectually, physically, emotionally, energetically] as well as with our relationships with God and others. 

What is so ironic is, I didn’t think my message of More Than Enough, was ENOUGH! There had to be more!

In the past I never felt like I HAD ENOUGH, was GOOD ENOUGH, or was DOING ENOUGH. I pushed myself all the time and thought I had to prove constantly that I was worthy. I’ve spent years praying, researching, testing, writing, and implementing tools and strategies that have helped with my own unworthiness and deep self-hatred. Some worked…some didn’t! Although I forget on some days like everyone, I can honestly say now I LOVE MYSELF. I am happy to be alive and have the body that I have to serve me. I am honored to bundle my years of experience and help you..

embrace your body you feel disconnected too.
learn to feel again without fear of your emotions.
Find Your Happy — whatever that is for you.
live life in an easy, simple flow—full of joy and love.
break through the barriers that hold you back from living life full-on.
have harmony, balance, peace and organization even if a hurricane is swirling around you.
have CLARITY in your purpose.
increase your CONFIDENCE in who you are.
have a deep CONNECTION with yourself, God, and others.

My heart is full knowing I get to be a warrior for your worth, walking beside you on your journey to authentic self-love.

My good friend, Mary Garvin Burkhart said after reading More Than Enough she realized, “Self-Love is not a luxury. In fact, is a necessity for health, happiness and fulfillment.”

And, that’s what happens when you finally can own your worth— the world opens up to you. Health can return to your body. Happiness and peace fills your days. You can see your own unlimited potential and have your bravest dreams.

My message of ENOUGH not being ENOUGH almost stopped me from living my dream. Recognize in your own life where your unworthy feelings have stopped you from moving forward. I invite you to email me at to share with me where your NOT ENOUGH is keeping you stuck.