I’m sitting in a Delta Sky Club somewhere in the United States with tears falling down my face.

One by one, I let the tears fall.

Earlier in the month, I was traveling abroad in an unfamiliar area surrounded by luxury and opulence I’d only seen in magazines. As I was sitting poolside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, tears began to pour out of me. A sadness overtook me that I can’t even explain. My heart was breaking and there was only one way for it to mend and that was to spill out the tears in front of a crowd of people.

Oh well.

I cry in elevators.

I cry at the pool.

I cry at church and of course at weddings.

I cry at restaurants.

I cry on planes, trains, automobiles.

I’m a cancer. Emotional with deep feelings. Over emotional—some would say. I used to hate that I could cry at the drop of a hat. Now, I welcome it. I’m eager to feel whatever is coming up. No longer will I apologize for who I am. If I don’t feel the emotions that want to come up, I know what can happen to me. I get sick. I crave foods that are unhealthy. I get out of balance — not just emotionally, but spiritually and physically. I’m coming off a couple devastating weeks of emotional turmoil. No need to describe it. It’s life. We all have it. The question is— what are we going to do with it?  

I choose to feel it. No matter where I am. I choose to feel it deeply and let it envelope me so that I can move on. Tears contain gold. Sometimes I even write about it to help you through a bump in your life.

Often, we rush to someone’s aid who is crying. We want to wipe their tears away. What if we let them feel what they need to feel? What if our interference actually disturbs what their body is needing to process? Grief, sadness, even love and happiness can come through tears. William H. Frey II, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist and tear researcher at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota and he thinks that “crying is not only a human response to sorrow and frustration, but it is also a healthy one. Crying is a natural way to reduce emotional stress that, left unchecked, has negative physical effects on the body, including increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and other stress-related disorders.”

I don’t fight my tears any longer. I’m not trying to impress anyone around me, that’s for sure! Generally, whenever my tears want to express themselves, I allow it happen. No more resistance. Try it sometime. Be with yourself. Give yourself permission to honor what’s coming up for you. Don’t be afraid of letting “it” out. When your body is ready to express itself, allow the tears to shed with no resistance, regardless of where you are. Just be with the moment and feel it. Allow it to move through you, even if it means crying in public.

Sitting here alone…curled up in a ball in a Delta Sky Club somewhere in the United States with tears falling. I don’t even wipe the tears away. Tears fall from my eyes down my cheek, onto my neck until they hit my sweater. They contain my feelings and my sadness about a recent event that needed to be felt and honored. It’s okay, I remind myself. No need to hide it. How should you cry in public?  Beautifully, openly, and honorably. 


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