Are you struggling in your business to make the money you’d like? Or maybe you’re in a dead-end career and unsure where to go next.

Do you wonder why you are not attracting the love of your life?  OR if you are in a relationship… is TENSION fueling the flames instead of love?

Has your health taken a turn for the worst?

If you’re even a little curious what is blocking you from the ideal career, relationships, OR health, you’re ready to find out the answer. That answer is…. you are not living from your soul.

Your soul is your Divine Spark that stays connected to God/Spirit 24/7 leading and guiding you masterfully. It guides your every decision.

When it’s shut down, you shut down. Your relationships die. Your body gets sick—emotionally and physically. Your work fizzles. You listen to other people’s advice instead of following your own GPS. You don’t trust yourself and you certainly don’t trust others. All the armor around you pushes love, money, good health to the corners of the earth. You close down.

How do I know, you ask… because I lived shut down and closed for years. A perfect storm of a divorce after 25 years, spiritual awakening, and a health crisis took it toll. Struggling against my circumstances, I became very angry at God, my husband and the world as I fought my inner demons of not being enough. I was disconnected from my body and hated myself in every way, shape and form. Strangely enough, from the outside, things were picture perfect… successful husband, successful home business, beautiful home, two amazing and talented sons, a great school system, fabulous vacations, a tight-knit community, and church family. EveryTHING the normal American family desires and more. But none of that mattered. I was miserable. And was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I began to dig for answers to the questions above. And, I didn’t stop until my attitude and world began to change for the better.

Maybe you’re there too… If you’re sick and tired of being hit wth a 2X4 in life, it’s time to live life differently… from your soul.

It’s time to ignite that Spark inside of you and begin living from your SOUL. You already have all the answers inside of you. I can give you the tools to tap into those answers to guide yourself to that dream life you’ve always envisioned..

  • health
  • satisfying finances and career
  • true partnerships and relationships full of intimacy, honesty and transparency

Isn’t it time for you to light your own spark?



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