‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook


‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook

Meet Lara..

Spirituality has always been my passion. Even when I was little girl, I didn’t want to miss church. There was something special I received there that helped me through the week ahead. In early adult-hood I began to teach Bible studies, lead a mom’s group, and volunteered myself until my health began to suffer.

From the outside-looking in, I was living a Facebook “picture perfect” life. I was a pillar of the community, enjoyed a beautiful house, fabulous vacations, owned my own company, successful husband and two amazing boys. However, what was really happening behind closed doors no one knew.

I didn’t recognize myself or my life.   

At that point, my life came to a screeching hault. I questioned my faith. I was going through a divorce after 25 years, the nest was emptying, and I sold my marketing company. My hair was falling out in clumps, my body hurt everywhere and I was in a deep depression.

As I walked away from the four walls of a church building, I went within to actually meet the God that lived in me. I gave up my rushing around do-do-do life to just BE. 

After years of grasping onto emotions and beliefs that no longer even served me, my physical and emotional pain was unbearable. Finally, I parked myself on my couch meditating and writing to unravel the knots that had plagued me for decades. 

It was at that lowest point, I realized the power was within me all along. Angels would appear and channel what is called, “Light Language”. Memories flooded back to me as a child writing, speaking, and hand-signing this language. My health began to improve greatly. My clarity and zest for life returned soon-after.

To learn more about light language, CLICK HERE.

I was hooked. And, at the same time, I hid.

I didn’t want anyone to know about this gift. This secret power. This woo-woo part of me that often wasn’t accepted in my suburban, corporate life. As the years went by, I knew without a doubt this gift couldn’t be kept quiet any longer. My soul was screaming to be heard and at the same time people were telling me they were waiting for me. I began to see a place for me in the world being ME — a corporate, spiritual woman. I didn’t have to separate the spiritual part of me with business. As a matter of fact, I began to see how the two could be beautifully merged.

It was time for me to come out of the closet.  

For the past decade, I have dedicated my life to studying, understanding and communicating with the unseen powers that surround and influence us. I communicate with these energies and show others how to do the same. Hundreds of clients, thousands of meditations, and three books later, I am still in awe of the Heavens precise loving guidance.     

Listening to light language can have a:

profound impact on our mood 

profound impact on our level of clarity

profound impact on our ability to make better decisions

Doing so can shift a situation and foster extraordinary balance and extreme clarity. When we communicate with those energies and lead from this place, we’re able to master the invisible, and in turn, our physical world.

Within our energy fields are the secrets to having happy relationships, making GREAT decisions, financial stress or success, and vibrant health plus more.

Whether I’m speaking, teaching an online course, recording my podcast, clearing your house or advising, my commitment is to helping you find your own POWER within.