‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook


‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook

Lara’s work is so powerful and spot on! I feel that it is moving layers of mountains that I could never get to on my own, either on the physical plane, in counseling, or with any other modality. After my first session with Lara, I began to feel better than in years. I look forward to continuing this work with her. She is truly gifted and connected in a way that is powerful and loving and completely light-filled.


I was working seven days a week and not getting paid the going rate for my expertise. The lack of personal time was keeping me from enjoying my husband and the life going on around me. I also knew I was not functioning at my potential (greatness). I felt like everything I was working on was a struggle; nothing was flowing smoothly. 

The day my session with Lara, I had a client want to suck me into working on a project without a budget. My response was, “I’ve got nothing…” which completely caught my client off guard! In this instance, I clearly saw that I did not have to say yes and take up time I did not want to take that I would not be adequately paid. Allowing me to accept another job that paid me properly. I feel like I can honor what shows up – I had always known when something was not a fit; my mind does not come up with answers… now I admit, this is not a fit and let it go. This is the most fantastic thing for me! This freedom to say no to inappropriate work has created a space being filled by higher-level, higher-paying projects. The first no resulted in an estimated $85k per year. Work I love that fits me well.

Kim Burney, Owner

Attraction Center Publishing

didn’t know what to expect at my first energy clearing. Right from the start, I felt incredible love and understanding from Lara. It was immediately clear to me that this was someone brought into my life to help heal and restore all that I felt had been lost to me. I was blown away by that session and, now that I had an understanding of the power and results of working with Lara, I knew I needed more.

Lara was able to help me understand things with a greater perspective, get to the root of my feelings and energies that were ready to be released, and help me to realize that even though I would still consider myself a student learning how – I have the power to master my own energy. What a difference that is making in my life!

I felt so strongly about how positively the energy clearing was for me, my husband and children were cleared remotely by Lara. My husband and I couldn’t believe the accuracy in which Lara reported on when the clearings were complete. The result of Lara’s work was amazing to watch. Seeing your loved ones feeling the weight of past traumas and negative energy lifted off of them was such a gift. Our businesses started picking up, health improvements were realized, balance was restored and we began to have tremendous clarity to move through life with a new understanding that gives us a level of peace that was unknown before this.

We decided to clear our home as well and that has also made a difference. Our house finally feels more like a home. Love and joy is back. 

Working with Lara has changed the trajectory of not only my life, but my husband and children’s lives as well. She is most definitely my lifelong mentor, coach and friend…my (not-so) “secret weapon” because I recommend her to everyone I know. Our businesses started picking up, health improvements were realized, balance was restored and we began to have tremendous clarity to move through life with a new understanding.

Amy, Realtor

Lara Jaye is one of the highest level healers I have encountered on my journey of self-discovery. She diagnosed and healed something in me that I had never told another living soul about.  She has also worked with several members of my family with great results. In fact, she did a full family guided meditation/ healing on the 2018 full moon winter solstice.  It was quite a powerful event.  I called it “family therapy without the talking”  Way more powerful than any family therapy I’ve seen! Our family of 15 had an amazing holiday week together and truly enjoyed each other’s company more than I can ever remember. She is a gift to this world. HIGHLY recommend her!

Michael Zildjian, Author & Speaker


I could feel my body vibrate and release some emotional heaviness. I can’t explain it… it just felt good. She took away some of the doubt and filled the space with more confidence. I stopped thinking with so much fear and I really let it go.


TV Host

I highly recommend engaging Lara as a strategy to wipe your energetic; mental and emotional slate clean – to recalibrate with your higher purpose, energy and clarity. Lara is very human but deeply connected to the source and spiritual realms; she has clear and direct abilities to communicate with her and your powers at be to help reshape, realign and redesign your life’s purpose, mission and balance. I will definitely be working with her again! I really needed that! And Lara was put on my radar at the right time in my personal and professional life.


I immediately felt lighter in body and mind. I’m more confident in everything. I will be back


Lara’s mentorship was such a gift and just what I needed!! It is a unique individual who can walk into your life and instantly gain your trust; This holds especially true when you are embarking on the exploration of not only personal or vulnerable topics, but also ones that have yet to be uncovered. (And, this trust is actually a big factor of even allowing for the discovery of new territory!) I think one of the biggest components that allowed for this immediate bonding, is Lara’s authenticity. Lara is someone that is steeped, and grounded, in herself; The type of grounding evidenced when someone has genuinely committed and been present to their own path and process.

With that, Lara demonstrates a beautiful blend of compassion and sensitivity coupled with incredible strength. She allows you to go wherever you need to go inside, inherently trusting your natural process, while also holding the bigger picture/goals you have set for yourself. She is a strong bright light that has had a meaningful and positive impact on my journey. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to illuminate their dreams and take flight!

Brenda Dumas

My favorite part of working with Lara was being around her. Her energy is true and cheerful and contagious. While the Light Language is a new concept to me, it is very familiar somehow. It feels like home. Go see her as soon as possible! She is so positive and genuine, just being around her is a soothing, calming, healing event.

Wendy Shusko, CEO

She is an extremely gifted practitioner, and one I would highly recommend. I was trained and worked as a registered nurse for 47 years, and am now exploring alternative therapies. Lara’s practice fits in perfectly!


Lara is a truly gifted energy healer. She is kind, caring, knowledgeable, deeply intuitive and professional. We are so grateful she came into our lives.


Lara made me feel incredibly safe to open up my heart and let love in. She helped me clear some old and deep wounds that held me back from the things I truly wanted. Her unconditional love and healing maternal energy resonated on a deep cellular level for me. She created a safe haven for me to let go of my need to lead and control the things I can’t change. She held space for my inner child and limitless soul to receive the nourishment it so severely lacked. She saw me. She let me be me. My cup is full!

Lena Anani

Editor and In-Chief, Noteworthy Wisdom

I was drawn to Lara and knew I needed her in my life, but wasn’t sure in what capacity. She took time to meet with me and we figured out a plan together that was a combination of business and personal.The short term results were immediately feeling a sense of a weight being lifted from my shoulders. The long term results have been that numerous. Employees that needed to be gone, left by themselves. The employees that stayed raised their awareness and vibration. And money wise, we are up $70,000 in 6 months compared to last year. Lara has created an energy of healing and raised our vibration on a personal level which has translated into an elevated business and overall environment. I am forever grateful to Lara and her gifts she chooses to share with the world.



I am so happy that I hired Lara to do our house clearing! I felt intuitively guided to invest in her services, and I am so glad that I did.  Here are a few of the awesome outcomes: One, I am no longer seeing dark shadows in my bedroom at night.  I thought it was my imagination until Lara mentioned that she picked up that I was seeing shadows and that she removed the spirits that were causing them.  Two, one of my dogs was on the nervous side and would easily become anxious. Often, her fear would lead to a lot of loud barking.  Lara removed two negative spirits that had attached themselves to her.  Since the clearing, she is doing so much better and is much calmer. And, for the first time I am seeing substantial and consistent results from her training program. (I have been training her off and on for years!)  Finally, I am experiencing much more spiritual clarity and have positively changed some of my business activities. As a result, I am more productive in my career because I am not doing things that aren’t in alignment with my spiritual vision for my business.  I highly recommend Lara. She is awesome! 

A Virues

The light language washes over you and blankets you with calmness. You feel cared for, comforted and safe from all outside nonsense. I am now more grounded and aware of my own issues. She has worked with my whole family and has changed the dynamics of us as a group. We have so much more fun together and just have more joy in our relationships.

Dianna, Owner

Salt of the Earth

Lara is a warm, authentic energy healer and her guided meditations are the best I have experienced along my spiritual path. I’ve had many reiki sessions with her and always leave with my stagnant energy lifted, having more knowledge about myself and feeling much lighter!. It has also made me realize how important it is to take care of my physical energy and the energy of my home!.

In addition to reiki sessions, I’ve worked with Lara to do home clearings on a couple of family members homes. These home environments felt heavy, uncomfortable and some of them were experiencing physical ailments. After Lara worked her “magic”, the heaviness has been lifted. the house is brighter and now it feels lighter …like home again!

Lara is a life coach, therapist and intuitive healer all in one gifted package. I’m grateful to have found her and will continue to work with her and recommend her to whomever I can.

Cyndi, Realtor

My chains are gone! In the 1 week since seeing Lara Jaye, I have decreased my Xanax from .5 mg every night to .25mg. with no real withdrawal issues. Amazing!!! And my anxiety is at an all-time low. Lara Jaye gave me my life back as it should be. Forever grateful. 


My favorite part of working with Lara, was her ability to move right to the discomfort in my body and soul. Lara is also a master healer and uses her hands to manipulate and heal the life force energy on areas of weakness in my body. I had just had eye surgery and after our session, my eye began to heal faster. Her explanations of healing , working with guides, turning to light angels for assistance creates a larger sense of not doing “life” alone. Lara will impact your life on so many levels spiritually, emotionally and mentally. She is a powerful healer, coach and teacher, willing to immerse herself into your being to support and assist you in what needs to be healed, loved and nurtured. An intuit with so many abilities to guide you and help you every step of the way. She has impacted my life in so many positive ways. Being around Lara, I have learned wonderful techniques, expanded my sense of the universe, and gained confidence in all that I do. I experience uplifting, and a presence of love. I feel a closer connection to all in my life. She is compassionate, sensitive, intelligent, emphatic and a wonderful person to be on your side in all matters great and small.

Janet Bassett

Realtor, Sotheby's

She’s smart, sassy, funny, and soulful with wisdom beyond what we know. Sure, she has business smarts and is used to working with C-Level people, but she is able to distill any problem or hurdle into bite-sized pieces and make so-called obstacles into opportunities for growth. Lara seemingly takes these blinders off of your face, figuratively smacks you across the face with a velvety hand, and releases you into the open to make you free to be the person you were meant to be in this world. It’s a liberating experience that can change you life.

Lara just gets it. She is able to relate to any experience — and I mean any experience, whether you’re a man or woman — and can help you breathe for a moment and assess the situation. There is an instant connection that only takes five minutes or less with her. With Lara, there is no “let’s stay in touch” — there’s a “we’re already in touch.” Her spirit just draws you in like an old friend and brings peace.

I hesitate to ask for help. I’ve always considered my self to be self sufficient, so asking for help was a big step for me. The best thing about working with Lara is you feel safe because she’s walked in your shoes.

Brad Mc

CEO, MacStrat

The first day I met Lara, I could tell she was real. And she gets it and she gets me. Her energy is magnetic! You can feel how positive and excited about life she is. She’s been through something difficult and came through on the other side. I appreciate that in her and her real and true dynamic story. 
I have been transformed 100% by working with Lara. I’m so positive about life now. I’m doing less pushing to the next goal I have to “get to” and instead enjoying each moment I’m in. Me, 6 months ago and me now are two completely different people. I am genuinely now making sure I am conscious of who I am on a daily basis—all thanks to working with Lara.
Elle Jones

I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and constant negative self talk. I tried to seek fulfillment in other people, food, and even work to mask my pain. I stayed stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere because it felt comfortable and safe to me. Then I discovered this course by Lara and it changed my life around. No longer was I going to question if I was ‘Enough’! I had to get real with myself and take responsibility for what I was attracting into my life. I now realize how important self love is and without loving myself first, I would not be able to love others around me. Lara has helped me to see my potential even when I couldn’t see it myself. I am forever grateful towards her for helping me release old patterns and for opening myself up to unlimited possibilities.

Natania Chalke

CEO, Essential Elements

Lara is a wonderful healer, powerful woman, intuitive teacher and guide for anyone and everyone who is looking to renew their spark and move closer to their soul’s purpose.

Lacey Ring-Verbik

CEO, Imagine Virtual Assistant Service