As I write this, I’m on my final leg back to the United States after a couple weeks traveling in Spain. Before I left, I offered to YOU, the first few who responded a complimentary 30 minute 1:1 session with me. I knew I was leaving town and needed to hold some off until I returned so here is the link for a few open spots. CLICK HERE if you would like to get booked with me next week!

I enjoyed talking with many of you and look forward to meeting even more!

I’ve never traveled to Europe before and certainly never alone. It was challenging at times. Especially because I don’t know Spanish! Minor detail! My son armed me with a few phrases, for example:

  1. Necesito Ayuda. I NEED HELP!
  2. Hablas englas? Do you speak English?
  3. No hablo esplanol I do not speak Spanish.
  4. Necesito ir al …. I need to go to the…
  5. Bebida. Drink

Between those phrases and Google translate, I was good to go! So, I thought….

Over the next month, I’ll highlight some of what was coming up for me. Maybe it will help you as well venturing out of your comfort zone. I almost cancelled the trip only because I was afraid to be alone in a different country. I made it and I made it fine. Of course, there were moments I wondered what I had gotten myself into.

Like, when I got escorted OUT of baggage claim in Valencia.

Like, when I got in a fight with the Spanish apple keyboard and it won:)  Quick tip:  Before you head over to Spain, change all your passwords that have an * to make it easier to log in.

Like, when I was boarding a train to find out my ticket was for the next day.

And, I couldn’t communicate properly to the taxi driver where to go!

Nevertheless, I’m fine and stronger for it.

As you can imagine, every fear I had pretty much came creeping up. During my 3 days in Madrid, I only ventured out of my hotel room for 3 hours to a Tapas/Wine tour of the city. I’m ever so thankful I did. I met an amazing women from Australia that I hope to see again!

In the coming weeks, you will get to read about…

•    The most asked question about meditation I get

•    What to do if your lifeline is cut

•    How to cry in public

•    How to be alone with being alone

•    Rich in Money vs. Rich in your SOUL

•    and MORE!

I look so forward to serving you as you navigate this terrain of life—- sometimes smooth and sometimes rough. Again, if you would like to take advantage of a complimentary 30 minute 1:1 session with me, CLICK HERE before the few spots are gone!