Lara Jaye welcomes Hilde Larsen–certified Health and Wellness Coach, an Author, a Raw Food Teacher, a certified Detox Specialist. Her career started as an interior architect, designing cruise ships and hotels. also the Co-owner of an aerobics and spinning studio for many years. 

Her glowing enthusiasm for health and vitality, has the leading role in her work. She creates online video programs, and is publishing a series of books on health and natural living. Her first book From HELL to Inspiredis a complete stroy of her journey from bedridden to living her dreams. The second book Know the TRUTH and get HEALTHY! is a Step-By-Step Guide to True Health and Vitality. And, her 3rd book, No more Bullshit is now out! 


Intro:Welcome to The Zen Leaderwith Lara Jaye. Whether you’re a leader at home or in the boardroom, Lara provides the tools to help you get unstuck in different areas of your life. Now here’s your host, Lara Jaye.

Lara Jaye:Welcome to The Zen Leader Show, helping you transform your life and find greater satisfaction and peace. I’m your host, Lara Jaye, international bestselling author and speaker, helping you find your happy. You know, that spot inside of you that feels calm and peace even when chaos is swirling around you. My guest today on The Zen Leaderknows that chaos, but she also knows that happy calm and peace. I cannot wait for you to meet her, Hilde Larsen, welcome to the show.

Hilde:Thank you so much, Lara. It’s such an honor to be here.

Lara:I’m so excited to have you on. So much to talk about today and I want to kind of give our listeners a little bit. You are known as the “one that inspires.” Just from reading your information, you do. You’re so inspiring and your story. I cannot wait for our listeners to hear your story. You’re a certified health and wellness coach, author, raw-food teacher, certified detox specialist. Your career started as an interior architect designing cruise ships. How fun! And hotels and also, [LAUGHTER] how fun is that?


Lara:Co-owner of an aerobics studio. You’re glowing. You’ve been busy, girl! Your glowing enthusiasm for health and vitality has the leading role, of course, in all your work, online programs, publishing a series of books. Your first book From HELL to Inspired. [LAUGHTER] I cannot wait to dive into that, your complete story. We’re going to talk about that. From you being bedridden to living your dreams. That’s huge.


Lara:Yeah, Know the Truth and Get Healthy. We’re going to talk about that. You even have a third one, your most-recent one, No More Bullshit. I can’t wait to dive into that.


Lara:Hilde, welcome to the show. Oh, my gosh! You’ve been busy writing, girl. How long have you been writing? How long have you been writing?

Hilde:Well, this is, for some people. You know when some people, they are in labor for years and then others just say, “Oh, no. It kind of popped right out of me,” and you just want to slap them?

Lara:Right, exactly! [LAUGHTER] Yes, I know those…

Hilde:It’s like I actually just wrote those… [LAUGHTER]


Hilde:I wrote those books…. yeah, [LAUGHTER] I wrote the books in one year and I published them all the same year. They just popped out of me. It was like my story. All of it was me just needing to put everything down there, and it felt like I was channeling it. Have you seen movies of writers and they just write, and then they sleep, and then somebody leaves food outside their door and they’re quiet?

Lara:That’s how it was? [LAUGHTER]

Hilde:That was me, literally. I got up in bed. I wrote and then I ate and then I slept. That’s what I did. If I had to go to a birthday party, I was there for one hour. I started nodding my foot like, “Okay, can we go?” Please.

Lara:You got things… you had…

Hilde:[LAUGHTER] I got to go. I got to write.

Lara:Bubbling up inside of you that you just had to get out.


Lara:I love it. Let’s go back a little bit. Your story, Hilde, is an amazing story. I know that it sounds like you had a normal life and then you got sick. Tell me about that.

Hilde:Yeah. I mean, I was just a regular girl. The regular, nice, high-achieving, do everybody before yourself.


Hilde:I have the two kids, the picket fence, the car, the boat the cabin in the woods, and be this architect that runs around drinking alcohol on the weekends, high heels, good shape, aerobic instructor. I was all of it. I was this big picture of health and bomb ready to explode. I was what you consider the regular successful woman that was just not listening to her body, that most people don’t. I was just going and pushing and pushing, while I was experiencing ulcers. I was experiencing not feeling that good. I was getting a little anxious and I just started pushing and pushing and then bam! I was so sick.

            I was just so sick that I had to start masking up that, going to the doctor, getting medication. I feel like this and I had a good doc. I just went into his office and I’d just say, “Can I have meds?” He said, “What do you want?” I just got on this wagon of just trying to get my life to where I wanted it to be without my body agreeing on any of it. I was looking at my body as saying, “You’re weak. What are you doing? We’re going to do all this. Now you’re going to let me down?”

            It was like me being let down of me and I couldn’t see any of it. At that time, I just couldn’t see any of it. I was just so numbed down by me and my big ego and my life of trying to please everyone, trying to serve everyone, that I couldn’t see that my life was actually ending if I didn’t stop it.

Lara:Hilde, how old were you when this started?


Lara:38. Okay, so you were starting to get…

Hilde:I was 38.

Lara:You’re ignoring your body going, “We got things to do here.” [LAUGHTER] I can totally relate because I know I did that, too.

Hilde:Exactly. I went into the hospital. I’m like I told the doctor. I was like, “I got to go. What are you going to do about this? I mean seriously. Give me something. I don’t have time for this. I don’t have time for these things. What am I going to do?”

Lara:But that’s the worldly way. We push, push, push.



Hilde:Yeah, and most people can relate to that.

Lara:Absolutely. Your medicine cabinet just gets bigger and bigger, and then what?

Hilde:Oh, my God.


Hilde:Right? I was so eager to get the best meds, and most of the meds, and the most expensive meds, just to get those symptoms away, and I did. I started taking shots that I had to take into my own stomach. I was doing all these chemo drugs and everything they could throw at me so that I can get back on my heels, ride around in my convertible, and just get my life back. I was a spinning instructor. Like I said, I told my doc, “I have things to do.” They were like, “Well, we can give you all these meds. You’ll be good. No problem.” I’m like, “Okay. Well, you know best.”

            Then I started getting anxiety. I started getting depressed. I got itching everywhere. I got all these side effects. I mean my joints weren’t fine because I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. I mean I was told, “You’re never going to walk regularly again, and you’re going to end up here, and we’re going to give you special aids. But, hey, take these drugs and you’ll be fine. A lot of people live like that. We’ll operate on you. We’ll fix the joints as you get older. Just so you know. It’ll never be the same again.” I’m like, “Well, okay. If they have meds, we can do this.”

            I just kept on flying with the meds, actually, for several years until my body, on the inside, just started falling apart. I mean really falling apart. It was like I had been to the worst party with the worst hangover, and I just never recovered. And I didn’t even go to the party. [LAUGHTER] It was like I didn’t go to the party and I had to live with a hangover all the time. I’m still dragging my feet on this. I’m thinking, “Okay, I got to lay down my business. I got to give it all up.” I cried a lot of tears thinking, “That’s it. I’m stressing too much.” I go back to university and I study journalism, and I couldn’t even see that I was still just pushing and pushing, and going and going, not listening to my body, not listening to my soul.

Lara:Still ignoring your soul and body that’s screaming to be heard, right?



Hilde:Screaming. That is what I find with a lot of strong women. What saved me is the same thing that nearly killed me, because we’re so strong, in a sense, that we just never give up. Even if it’s killing us, we just don’t get it. We never give up.

Lara:It’s so true, right? [LAUGHTER] Go, go, go. We got things to do, people.

Hilde:I know.

Lara:There are things to take care of.

Hilde:Like we’re being chased.

Lara:Yeah, right?

Hilde:Yeah, like we’re being chased. Like someone is at our back chasing us. That’s kind of what it felt like. I’m doing all of this, and then I’m just getting so sick. I’m just getting so sick. I’m in and out of the hospital. I’m admitted for anxiety attacks. They think it’s the heart. They think it’s this. I’m there for two weeks. I’m there for three weeks, EKG, everything you can imagine. I’m thinking, “You know, this isn’t right. All of these meds, all of this. This isn’t right. I can’t live like this.” I was so depressed and that wasn’t me. I mean, I couldn’t even remember feeling any of that. I just didn’t feel like me anymore. Whatever me that was. [LAUGHTER]

Lara:Whatever me that was.

Hilde:But it was the only me that I knew. Yeah, the me that I knew. I just couldn’t and I kept on going, and I kept on going until one day I just sat down. I looked at my husband. He came home from work. I remember so clearly. It was actually March 7th, 2007. I sat down and I told him. I said, “I’m quitting all the meds today. I mean I’m stopping everything. Everything and I’m going to lay down right here. I’m going to stop school. I’m just going to shut down everything, and I’m going to lay here until one out of two things happen. Either I get healthy or I die.”


Hilde:“I don’t care which.” I really didn’t care which. I mean, actually, I was hoping for the last one.


Hilde:I mean I was telling God every night. “I mean please. Please.” I mean…

Lara:Take me home, right?

Hilde:Another day? I mean, please. Can we just be done with it? I mean for real? Enough pain, already. You know?[00:10:00][LAUGHTER] That’s what I did and that’s what I did. You know what? That’s the freakiest thing because then my body was showing me how sick I really was. When I stopped every med that was taken to numb the symptoms, kind of just suppress whatever was there, every signal the body was trying to tell me, then I got really sick. That’s what left me in bed for several years, so inflamed I couldn’t even open my mouth. I mean, I had to be carried to the bathroom. It was like…

Lara:All of this, Hilde, was the start of rheumatoid arthritis.

Hilde:Yes. They diagnosed me also with Lyme’s disease, and I have several ulcers, but the rheumatoid… if you suppress that, I mean really suppress it and then go off all drugs, it’s going to hit you like a truck from behind and the body is going to really show how inflamed you are. I’m talking hips, knees, toes, fingers, shoulder, elbow, neck, jaw. There wasn’t one joint in my body that wasn’t swollen to the extent where it couldn’t be bent, even.

Lara:Amazing. Hilde, we’re going to take a quick break right now and come back and finish, talk more about this amazing story of resilience and recovery. It’s just incredible. We’ll be right back.


Lara:Welcome back from break. I’m Lara Jaye with The Zen Leaderand you can find me here at or Here with me is an amazing woman, resilience. Oh, my gosh, resilience and recovery, Hilde Larsen. Hilde, right before break, we were talking about your story. Please continue this story. You’re bedridden now. You’ve got rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme’s disease. These are autoimmune diseases, correct?


Lara:That are attacking. I cannot wait to talk about just autoimmune. [LAUGHTER] But keep talking. Continue on with your story of what happens.


Lara:Now that you’ve stopped everything, you’re laying in bed going, “Okay, now what?” [LAUGHTER] Right?

Hilde:Exactly. Like now what? Now what do I do?

Lara:Now what? Yeah.

Hilde:Luckily, I had gotten myself the first MacBook that came out in 2005 I think it was. That’s what I just got.

Lara:The first what?

Hilde:It was me and the Internet.

Lara:Oh, the Internet.

Hilde:And MacBook, a laptop.

Lara:MacBook. Okay, got it.

Hilde:Yeah, it was me and my Mac. That was it.


Hilde:In bed, and then luckily I had a husband who could bring me food. He brought me food when he went to work, and he brought me food again when he came back. He took care of me, helped me to the bathroom, and blah, blah, blah. The thing is I had no idea where to start, but I had this calling from within. I had this spirit talking to me saying, “Hilde, you were born healthy and you can be healthy again. It’s natural to be healthy. You’ve got to look to nature. It’s natural. This isn’t right. No, your body isn’t attacking itself. It’s not stupid. The body wants to live. It wants to survive. It’s trying to tell you something. You’ve got to listen.”

            I had to learn all these lessons. I had to learn about patience. [LAUGHTER] I knew about diligence because I’d been driving that truck to work for so many years. I mean I knew about persistence. I knew about being strong. I knew about all these things, but I had to learn the opposite. I had to learn about patience and how the body really works. It’s not about popping a pill that’s going to fix everything. It’s not about a chemical. It’s about letting the body heal.

            I was just going through everything you could even imagine. Every diet out there, everything. I mean killing the parasites. I bought every equipment out there. I just went and spent all of our savings trying to figure out what is going on. The more I learned and the more I learned, I craved to learn and I educated myself. I even went through integrated nutrition. I got certified as a health coach while I was still working on myself just because I was craving knowledge. I was just digging through everything until I finally got to the point where I got it. The way that I got it was not the way that I thought I would get it. I got the point where, “Oh, my God. It’s simple. Oh, my God. The more I learn here the more I see that we need to declutter all of this.”

            I’m just following one teaching, and then one teaching and one teaching. I had found not another doctor, but another teacher, and another teacher. Someone else take my attention away to walk towards, instead of going within me, just looking at nature saying, “Oh, my God.”

Lara:They all tell us something different, right? Hilde, they all tell us something different.


Lara:[LAUGHTER] We’re still not listening to ourselves, right?

Hilde:Exactly. When I was at integrated nutrition, we had to go through 101 different diet plans or philosophies, and you know what? Every speaker would have had you. They were so persuasive, every one, and they believed in what they were saying. Everyone. I was like, “Yeah, I’ve done that. Yeah, I do that. Yeah.” They suck you in, but to be fair, you learn from everyone. I just learned that’s another thing I learned.

Lara:Me, too.

Hilde:It’s like listen to all, learn from a few, follow no one.

Lara:Right. But I feel like every body is different so that may have worked for them. Don’t you feel like each of us have our own innate wisdom?

Hilde:I love that. I love that you say that because no and yes. Meaning yes, we are different in the sense that we all have different weaknesses, experiences from the past, a different lymph system, different strengths of different organs. But in terms of every other species, we can be more identical. You can do an autopsy on any human and they’ll look exactly the same. What’s the difference? Why do we think we’re so different? It’s only because we have different weaknesses.

            I was starting to untangle my emotional state. I went through all of that, the forgiveness and the gratitude, listened to all from Louise Hay to Doreen Virtue and Wayne Dyer and I just dived into my soul. That’s when I found my path. Now I was walking through my healing saying, “Show me the way. Thank you for this healing. How can I serve?” The minute I started looking at myself as a server instead of being a pleaser, as a woman that was already healed instead of searching for an answer, looking to nature for simplicity instead of complexity, instead of looking at vitamins and minerals and nutrients and what should I do, stepping out of that saying, “Hey, this is so perfect.” Look at an apple. You just eat it, taste it, poop it out, it’s all good. You know?


Hilde:It’s fast food. That’s how I came to my Zen is going through all that learning, all that knowledge. Of course, now I see it with my clients because I see why I had to go through that. Because all of that knowledge, of course, knowledge is never in vain. That’s what I say. It just matters on how you apply it and how you use it in your life, but it’s never in vain. Knowledge is always gold. [INAUDIBLE 00:17:47], of course, can be tricky.

Lara:Of course. [LAUGHTER]

Hilde:But that’s where I ended up. [LAUGHTER] I ended up…

Lara:I love it. You ended up here and I love that you said you would say, “Show me the way. Thank you for the healing. How can I serve?” instead of whining about it. Or I’m sure you went through that stage as we all do when we’re hit with something. But it was show me the way, and you started looking within instead of outside of yourself. We all start outside…


Lara:… and get the information and the knowledge. We need that. But then it’s, “Okay, what do you want me to do with it?”

Lara:“What can I do with it?” From that, you’ve created this…

Hilde:Also, the letting go of the outcome of that. Because it’s like when you say, “Show me the way,” it’s not like you’re saying, “Well, please show me the high heels. They’re red and they’re a size eight. I need to wear them by Thursday.” We have a tendency, or at least I have, to exactly know what I wanted in life, and I just wanted that to be fixed. Like, “Please God. Fix that. I need to get in my car by next Wednesday because I got to go there.”

            Now all of a sudden, I was so stressed. I was so naked. I mean I was so naked and I had been polishing, putting pills around me everywhere by how I looked. I looked fab. I was fit. I had a lot of friends, which I found out later they were drinking buddies, not really friends. That showed me a lot about myself. You make yourself so vulnerable at the end and when you’re so ready to die. It was the real story of recovery for me or my passionate new life — or now calling myself most of all, actually, a life enthusiast — was when I was really ready to die. When I really just let go, laid back and said, “Show me the way.” Not, “Here. I need this. Go pray for this. I want to pray for me to be healthy so I can…” No, show me the way, because you know what? We don’t even know what’s best for us or what we need, because we only know what we know. We only know a very, very, very small part of every possibility that’s out there.[00:20:02]We don’t even know half of our greatness, our grandness. I had no idea that I was going to someday be standing in Peru speaking in front of the president. [LAUGHTER] I had no idea. I was just laying there and thought I was going to die. The last thing I did was be an interior architect doing hotels.

            That was the turning point. When I just laid down, not just my body, but my soul. Not just my body on the bed saying, “Hey, I’m going to lay here until this passes.” That kind of was my ego just ready to do a little suicide. But when you’re ready to just surrender with your whole being, that’s where magic comes through.

Lara:I love that. Hilde, one of my favorite chapters is the letting go of the outcome chapter in this most recent book, because it really spoke to me in that we can have these amazing visions and want this health, and these are really good things, not just for us, but to help other people. But the how and the when and what it’s going to look… it’s not up to us.

Hilde:No, it isn’t. See, the thing we usually do with that information, like when you’re saying it right now, I bet that there’s a lot of people that have a little “eh” inside of them thinking, “Well, [LAUGHTER] first of all, there’s Law of Attraction.


Hilde:We’re creators, so we, of course, are going to create what we want. And what are you telling me? I should work on my business. That’s what I’m going to do. We’re kind of putting that whole energy into something that’s so filled with thought that we automatically go into thinking that if we let go and the outcome be as it may, that it will not be as grand as the one we thought or that it will not go in the direction that will give us the same joy that the one that we already figured out with our mind.

            The thing is once we let go, the Law of Attraction really sets into play because then it is flowing towards you when you stop chasing it. You get to live your full potential, which we — with our brain, at least this is what I believe — have no idea the expanse of our potential with our intellect. I realized how small and insignificant I was in my grandness. When I saw that, it just didn’t matter anymore. It’s like if I lived or died, it doesn’t really matter that much. I mean we’re here and then, what,70, 80, 90 years if we’re lucky? Then we’re not here. It’s not that big a deal. It’s really not that big a deal. Our lives are not that big a deal.


Hilde:But on another sense, it’s a great deal, but we’re eternal. We don’t die. I mean our souls never die. We’re spirits here living, having a physical experience in the body. Once I saw that, I saw that I was so much more than this life, it was like, “Phew. Oh, thank God.”

Lara:Takes the pressure off. [LAUGHTER]

Hilde:[LAUGHTER] I thought it was so important that it isn’t.

Lara:It’s not. What a concept. Oh, I love it.

Hilde:It’s not. [LAUGHTER]

Lara:Well, we’re going to take a break right now and we’ll be right back to continue this amazing conversation with Hilde Larsen.


Lara:Welcome back. I’m Lara Jaye with The Zen Leader, and again, you can find me here at or Hilde Larsen is my amazing guest. Hilde, if people are looking for you and they’re hearing your message, and they want to hear more or learn more about you, what is your website address?

Hilde:My website address is Now I write my name Hilde with an E. I’m Norwegian, so it’s Hilde.


Hilde:That’s the only thing I always have. Hilde. So, it’s Hilde.

Lara:Okay, the word i-n-s-p-i-r-e-d and then by, b-y, and then h-i-l-d-e, correct?

Hilde:Yes. Okay. Awesome. If any of our listeners want to find you…

Hilde:Yeah, and I’m that everywhere.


Hilde:Yeah, and everywhere I’m like that. It’s easy. Instagram, Facebook, everywhere. Inspiredbyhilde, that’s it.

Lara:Fabulous. Such an amazing story, Hilde. I love talking to you about this. I want to, before we dive into really what you did to heal, talk for a minute about just autoimmune, in general. It seems like that’s all we hear about now and so many people are coming down with it, even from little ones to older ones. So many have the Hashimoto’s and the thyroid issues, the RA, the Crohn’s. There’s probably a hundred autoimmunes… Lyme’s disease, all of them. The ones that you had and many other have. What is your personal opinion, your take on what has happened, what is happening?

Hilde:Yes, so autoimmune. First of all, I got to start by saying this. Autoimmune is, per date, another way of saying we don’t know what the heck is wrong with you.

Lara:[LAUGHTER] Love it.

Hilde:Or we can see your symptom. We can see your symptoms, but we have no idea why it’s happening to you. The body must be doing it, attacking you because we have no idea why it happened. All they do is they take a part of the body saying, “If it happens in this part of the body, we call it this. If it happens over here, we call it this. If it happens to your joints, we call it this.” But in terms, it’s inflammation. It’s chronic. That’s what it is.

            The word doesn’t mean that much to me, because I was so autoimmuned up, my body was going to kill me for the rest of my life. Well, guess what? My body is not only getting more and more radiant, I look and feel younger every single year because of what I discovered when we step away, again, surrender to nature. Step away from everything that we are putting into our body that is filled with crap and shit, and pesticides and herbicides, and processed, and we can go into meat and dairy and all of that. I don’t know if this is going to be like a whole eating thing, but the thing is this.

Lara:Let’s do it. [LAUGHTER] Yeah.

Hilde:But the thing is this. When you stop treating the body what it is reacting to… and I’m not only talking food here, you see. I’m talking thoughts. I’m talking emotions. I’m talking stress. I’m talking environmental. I’m talking about your life. It’s not only about what you’re eating. It’s what’s eating you. There are many sides to that one, but not talking of the autoimmune.

Autoimmune, to me, is nothing. The word means nothing. It’s a trap and it’s fake. It’s going to keep you into thinking you can never get better. Stick to the symptoms. Stick to the body, because what the body is showing you is that you have a lymph system that is not properly draining and filtrating out the crap. That’s why we get achy, painy, inflamed and full of what we don’t want is because our drainage system is really not working.

            I mean one thing is the blood. It’s easy to understand that because we’re taught to look at nutrients. We’re so busy with what we can get in. It’s like we’re swimming with our hands going towards us, like give it to me, give it, give it. Like supplements, give it here, give it here. I can take this for that. It’s the same philosophy as pill and chemicals. But the thing is we have three times more lymph in our body than blood and that’s the sewer system, and it’s not filtering. It’s not open. Our kidneys, intestines, livers, lungs and every eliminating organ is so impaired only by genetics. Also, because I used to… see, this is what I see.

When I grew up, we didn’t even see one person in kindergarten having allergies or asthma or diabetes.


Hilde:Now we’ve got… they’re born with cancer. We’re handing this shit down to our little ones. This is why we’re seeing so much of it now, because they’re bathing in our lymph system when we carry them in our womb, and then they’re getting all that. Then they come out and we put all that process into them. The mother is feeding them breastmilk, not healthy herself, passing it on to that little one. That’s the whole baby and they’re getting weaker and weaker.

            You know what I say? It’s kind of crazy to say that, but I think if we keep going with doing what we’re doing right now, in two or three or four child generations, we’re hardly going to be here anymore. We got to wake up. We got to wake up and just take charge. We got to cut the bullshit and start listening to our own logic because we keep following the shiny object, even if it’s logic or not. If somebody is telling you, “Your body is attacking you now. It started yesterday at noon.”


Hilde:You’re like, “Oh! It is. Oh, my God. What can I take for that?” “Oh, take the blue pill.” You’re like, “Oh, okay.” Then you look to nature and I’m like, “Oh, there are no autoimmune in nature.” No, so all the other species, they don’t have it? No.[00:30:10]So every animal out there, there’s no arthritis and no diabetes, nothing amongst the animal world? No, only amongst the animals that you see, darling. Oh, my God said no one.


Hilde: To me, it was like waking up to just cutting away everything that had to do with, what should I say, like a false respect for authority. Because I don’t want to say that we should never listen to authority. I mean you have children and then sometimes… but still, we are stubborn beings. When you’re an adult, you’re a stubborn being. Listening to authority can get you into really, really bad trouble.

Lara:Right. [LAUGHTER]

Hilde:Which I did. I mean, it nearly killed me. To be honest, it’s killing a lot of people every single day, sadly, that people are not stepping up and thinking for ourselves. That’s another thing. That’s what I meet everyday. The hardest, hardest, hardest thing for a human is change. Not only change that is happening because from outside force, but changing ourselves. It’s like we would rather stay stuck in pain and living a life that’s hurting us than change.

Lara:Why do we do that? That’s so true, though. Right?

Hilde:I know. That’s what’s fascinating me most of all. That’s what I work most when I speak to people. One thing is going into the detoxification process because it was clearly what saved my life. Understanding it, being diligent, really stepping into eating only raw food, I stepped into nature. Figuratively speaking, of course, because I still live in a house, but I stepped into nature. I just took back what was mine. I looked at nature. I’m like, “Oh, my God. I’m a primate. Look at my fat. Look at my stomach acid, my teeth, my hands. Look at that. I’m a primate. I’m supposed to pick and eat. That’s what I’m supposed to do and I’m not born with a cooker up my butt.”


Hilde:I’m going to look here. In fact, where do I get my protein? I’m chewing on the leg of a cow when I ask that. Then oh, the cow that got all that protein, all that big muscle, what did he eat? Oh, grass. Oh, forget about it. I’m not going to start thinking logic, you know. It was like I got this whole… I didn’t even need to read about it anymore because I just looked at nature. I’m like, “Oh, my God.” I went straight to the source. I just bypassed everything. The doctors were yelling at me. “Hilde, you’re killing yourself. You’re killing yourself.” I’m like, “Fine,” because at least I will do it from my heart and I knew I would never do that.

            I knew I was just so secure in that. I knew that I was provided for. I knew that what I was listening to was Source, it was God. It was me, it was my higher self, whatever you want to call it. I knew that the whole time, and that made everything so easy because now I didn’t have to change what everybody else was thinking. I could just look around and see valuable information, which, of course, I gathered. Yes. Of course, I’ve had many mentors and I learn everyday, but I was done following blindly anything. I always run it by me first.

Lara:I love that. Run it by you first. We’re going to take a break right now and we’ll be right back with Hilde Larsen.


Lara:Welcome back from break. I’m Lara Jaye with The Zen Leader here on, and you can find my amazing guest, Hilde Larsen, on inspiredbyhilde, Hilde, I love this conversation. I’m so excited about your information. So basically to heal from all the things that they said were wrong with you and you were bedridden, you started into… you stepped back into nature, raw foods, and I want to talk about fruits and veggies. One of your… a couple in your book and also on your website, you talk a lot about fruit. We’re told now, “Don’t eat fruit. Too much sugar.” [LAUGHTER] I want to hear your take on this.

Hilde:Yeah, I know. Really, that saddens me.

Lara:It does.

Hilde:Because that tells me that someone is keeping us away from our healing food, and I am mostly saddened for our children. I have grandchildren, and from the minute they sat around my table, you could put anything in front of them, and put fruits in front of them. Together they will reach for the fruit every single time, without exception. The children know what to eat. The thing is if you tell the child what’s on their plate, if they’re not eating plant-based food, they will burst into tears. They will tell you you’re stupid and to stop it.

            These are our new teachers. But the fruit, you see, every cell in our body runs on sugar, every cell. If you don’t get sugar to your brain, you’re not thinking anymore. If you don’t get sugar to every cell of your body, you have cut off the main source of fuel. That’s our carbon. That’s why we call it carbohydrate.

Now if you go over to the other side thinking I’m going to restrict that, I’m going to eat a lot of fat and a lot of dead animals instead. You know your body is so willing to survive, it will transform some of that fat into sugar, because it has to. If not, it will die.

            What I have seen, I have even helped people get over their diabetes by eating sugar, high-sugar fruit only. No, I’m not a doctor, so this is a disclaimer. No, don’t do anything of this at home. Get a coach. Get someone that knows what they’re talking about if you have a condition and you want to get through that. Don’t do that and don’t stop your medications on my account. This is just my experience. But the thing is the fruits, they’re the perfect food for man and I could go into a lot of reasons. I will go into a short reason because people get this.

            When you look at how we’re made, we have the teeth, we have the saliva, we have the intestine, which are like yay, seven feet long, all made to eat and digest fruit. If you find an animal like a dog or a lion that are carnivores… well, actually a dog is omnivore. Say, a lion is a carnivore. They’re made to eat meat, so they have a very short intestine, like a foot long. Because once it gets in, it needs to get out right away or it’s going to putrefy. It’s going to rot and it’s going to be hello, parasites.

            This is what we’re seeing today. We’re so filled with parasites that people, they eat fruit on top of their fats and the other carbs, the processed carbs like the baked goods, and everything turns into this mash of fermentation within the body. Yes, the blood sugar is going to go up. Yes, you’re going to get bloated. Yes, you’re going to get weight gain, but it’s like don’t blame the fruit, honey.


Hilde:It’s the body. It is because the body isn’t cleaned out. It’s not functioning right. It’s not the fruit. The fruit is a perfect food. You know what? Myself, I went from eating everything. I smoked 35 cigarettes a day. I was drunk every week. Well, it sounds terrible. But you know I went to a party every week or at least got a little buzz, something.


Hilde:I was a regular person. I ate everything. I loved cheese doodles and Diet Coke. That was my go-to food almost [LAUGHTER] every night. I went from that. Then I was just guided at the same time. The same thing. All of a sudden, I was vegan. I didn’t even know I was that. The interesting thing is all of a sudden I’m at raw food, right? I’m just eating raw food, which is good. It’s amazingly good, but I was still eating a lot of nuts and seeds, and it can be heavy. It’s high on fat and it’s not cleansing food. It’s a great diet to just sustain health if you already have it, but the body will not get into doing the cleaning until it really gets astringency in there and get to dig deep.

            I was just led to go on. I was leaving the grains, not even thinking about it. One day I’m like, “Oh, my God.” They’re like, “You don’t eat salads anymore?” I’m like, “I guess I don’t.” That is what is it? I think it’s almost five years ago I’ve only ate fruit. Now I…

Lara:You don’t even eat salads. You don’t eat lettuce.


Lara:Oh, wow. Okay.



Hilde:I know. I know.

Lara:Wow! That’s…

Hilde:But the thing is [LAUGHTER], but I can and I will. You can’t eat that? I’m like, “Yeah, sure, I can.” It’s not that long ago that I was cooking for my vegan son, and I said, “Oh, these spinaches look really good. I’ll get some of these.” I did and I put it in the fridge and it just sat there, and so I had to throw them away. I’m like, “Oh, yeah. I just keep forgetting about those.” It’s not like I have any… and I think they have a great place. And a lot of people, they need the mineral groups, and especially in the beginning, because the thing is this is a journey and it will be for everyone. If you’re eating a SAD diet today, which is what we call it — like the Standard American Diet, that diet — if you jump right to fruits, your body is going to try to expel so much crap from within you that you’re going to feel it to the extent of it not being almost phased all the time, right? [00:40:02]I call it responsible detoxification. You need to…

Lara:What would you recommend for somebody who’s just starting out on that? What would you say to them?

Hilde:Yeah. I would say two things to them. #1: Add in more of the good stuff. Leave out more of the bad stuff. The bad stuff being #1, always highest on the list every, every time: dairy. Believe it or not. Dairy, dairy, dairy. Why? #1: The protein casein cannot be broken down by the human body. It is so mucous forming. It literally coats your intestines, and that’s where we’re supposed to take in all our nutrients.

            You can feel the slime in your mouth when you drink milk. It’s like… you know. That’s the parasites. They love it. You’re like an open house party for parasites. I would say you can leave the dairy, and then start working on leaving everything that’s processed. You know that. If you look to nature, again, and get to that, “Okay, I’m going to look to nature now. I’m going to listen to myself and I’m going to go logic.” Then I go to the supermarket and I’m like, “These boxes have been sitting here for three years. Powder. I wonder what’s in there. I don’t know. I can’t even read it or I can’t pronounce it.” If you don’t know what it is, don’t eat it. That’s #1. Leave out the bad stuff.

            #2: If you start introducing good stuff to the body, it will wake up saying, “I want more of this.” I’m encouraging everyone to start every morning with a good juice and fruit. Like breakfast. Breakfast is #1 meal, I could say and then I’m saying a little too much because actually I want to almost skip breakfast just because it’s better to fast longer, but that’s another story. But when you start eating, whenever that is, the body has been cleansing or trying to cleanse all night. All these toxins that are accumulating in the body really need help to get out. The lighter you can eat in the morning, meaning more fresh fruit and juice as you can get in there, it’s going to make a whole difference in your whole day. Your body is going to start craving more of it.

            After a month of that, you’re going to start thinking, “Oh, my God. I wonder if I’m going to do just a whole juice day this weekend. Oh, my God. What am I saying? Where did that come from?” It’s the juices working in you and with cells, they’re crying saying, “Give us more. Give us more.” Then you’ll be inspired to let out more shit to say, “You know what? I’m going to stop eating bread now and I’m going to get a good salad for lunch instead of those sandwiches that I have.”

            It’s a transition for a lot of people. If you don’t come to me with a stage four and really… if you’re in trouble, you need to reach out to someone like a detox specialist or a life coach that can guide you, of course, through this. But if you just want to feel better and you have aches and pains, and you’re feeling, “I can do this. I just want to change a little bit. I want to do better,” then that’s what I would do. I would transition slowly so that I could feel it within my body what was happening, because I see people starting to cleanse just from changing breakfast. Just from changing breakfast, all of a sudden, you have a runny nose. “Oh, my God. I have a runny nose. What should I do?” I’m like, “Bravo!”

Lara:Right? You’re cleansing.

Hilde:That’s coming out of your head.

Lara:[LAUGHTER] Let it flow.

Hilde:Yeah, stuff coming out of your head. Exactly. That is a learning curve, which, I mean most of us, we do better in the long run when we have learned on our own body, when we have learned through experience, not through reading a book. My books are not for you to start doing everything I did, because I did what I did when I had been doing a lot of other stuff for years. But what I want people to do is be inspired to start your journey and to get on board, to, of course, jump in one of my courses or listen to me speak, or sign up at one of my programs just so that you can experience your journey towards amazing health. Because health, you see, is not about not having symptoms. Health is not about not having pain. Health is way beyond that. It’s about having so much energy and enthusiasm about life that you would never even think about needing any stimulants anymore or running towards food, or anything else to kind of numb your feelings, because you’ll be so excited just to be here. It’s almost like people are thinking, “Well, can you be like that all the time?” I’m like, “Heck, yeah.”

Lara:I love that. [LAUGHTER]

Hilde:Do I experience ups and downs? Sure. I’m human. I mean do I bang my toe into a table and say, “Shit?” Of course.

Lara:[LAUGHTER] Right? Hilde, unfortunately, our time is up, but I love talking to you. Thank you so much for joining me today, Hilde. This has been amazing.

Hilde:Thank you for having me and I talk a lot.

Lara:I love it! I love it!

Hilde:I get so excited.

Lara:I love that you talk a lot. I am so excited for our listeners to find you on inspiredbyhilde. Thank you, listeners, for joining us today on The Zen Leaderand for ongoing inspiration, of course, go to, and until next time, choose happy.