‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook


‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook

I feel led to post this encouragement for anyone who is questioning whether they are on their ‘ right’ path. If you are alive you are on your path! It might be messy it may even be painful but you are on YOUR path. You may even wonder how you can make it less messy or less painful…

Feel into and to the mess, the chaos, feel in to the pain… What does it want to teach you? What do you still need to know?

When you know different… You can do different!

We can look at other peoples lives on social media all day long and think that their life is easy peezy. And, we wonder why our life doesn’t look like there’s. Please know…Things are not always as they seem.😲

I, as well, even as blessed as I am, fall into the trap of wondering how they can have their life so together when mine looks 🚗 wreck on some days! Many of you don’t know that since my divorce after being married 25 yrs, I’ve moved 9 times in 8 years from Indiana to Florida back to Indiana back to Florida and all around each state! For years I’ve been dealing with some very intense health issues including massive mold and autoimmune diseaseS. There are many days that my body hurts so bad I hold onto furniture to move around the house. Other days, I zip around like nothing. I’ve grieved 4 close family member deaths in the last few years— including both my parents, my two nephews and numerous friends. As outgoing as I am, I am quite private. I don’t like to talk about the ‘negative’ or the sad. I can’t even watch the news. It’s part of life though. The ups the downs. 🎢

And to make this post even longer 😂but a more of a complete picture… I forgot to mention a decade of a deep depression, my hair falling out in clumps, my kids making bets as to what organ mom was going to get out next, chronic fatigue syndrome and many bouts of mono! Every single area of my life has been affected. And, please do not feel sorry for me! I am so so happy 🤗and thankful for what I’ve gone through (and am still going through). It helps me to understand others as I serve. Over the coming weeks I’ll share what I’ve done to come out of the fog and to allow my body to heal! 🙏🏼

I always felt like life should be much easier. Not perfect but PROGRESS. And, it can be. All this time when I’ve been quiet, I have been doing the inner work it takes to change my own mess. To integrate my grief. To get some clarity out of my own chaos. It will always be a lifelong adventure!! It goes back to my first paragraph… You are exactly where you are meant to be. Embrace this part of your life and know that God is doing life FOR YOU NOT AGAINST YOU.

I’VE LEARNED sooo much from this time. More I will be sharing in the weeks to come. For now, know you don’t have to be perfect. Seek progress. Seek massive self-care and getting to know yourself and your own values. And rest in the fact that you are exactly where you’re meant to be— no matter how it looks. Sending you all love, peace and blessings–Lara