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Welcome to Leading the Shift Podcast


Lara’s real world experience with the invisible realm is unparalleled. Learn the science behind how you can harness the power of the unseen to create shifts in your own life, business and community. The Leading the Shift Podcast presents tools and tips on navigating the shift to compassionate, conscious leadership.

Including shifting from… 

struggle to flow

doing to BEING 

stress to peace

confusion to clarity

competition to cooperation and connection

chaos to POWER 

Lara’s unique, eye-opening and insightful podcast will peel back the layers of the unseen forces around us that keep you stuck and stagnant in your work, relationships, and even your family dynamics. By connecting with this invisible world of energy, Lara creates a unique strategic edge to help you transform your fast paced life while laying a foundation of integrity, humility, and transparency. 

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