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$35.00 / month with a 30-day free trial and a $5.00 sign-up fee

Are you ready to live your best life? 

Your soul knows the way.

Uncover the path by allowing your soul to lead the way.

Spiritual guidance, meditations, healing, and energy clearing for leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers around the world. Guiding you to create a life aligned with your spirit and values.

$5 Monthly ACCESS TO get started. Beginning on your second month, your investment in YOURSELF is only a $35/month. No obligation. Cancel anytime. 

      • Two LIVE calls per month receiving insightful, intuitive and leading edge spiritual guidance, meditations, healing and energy clearing.
      • All calls are recorded and mp3 replays are provided. No obligation. Cancel anytime.
      • BONUS:  Don’t Limit You ebook
      • BONUS:  Top 10 Spiritual Practices for Busy Leaders ebook  
      • Uplifting Emails
      • Private Lara Jaye Community 
      • Access to 10 Free Meditations
      • Access to 28 Free Podcast Library
      • Access to an extensive Online Library of past Shining Soul calls and recordings. 
      • Exclusive Live Event & Course Discounts and Early Bird Registration Access
      • Receive cutting edge spiritual guidance, information, and transformational tools so that you can discover your own limitless potential and live your DREAM!   


What people are saying.. 

Lara is a master healer who uses her hands to manipulate and heal the life force energy on areas of weakness of your body. 

I look forward to Wednesday’s with Lara. Her meditation and healing energy seems to be exactly what I need to hear and feel. Today was extra special when she was offered a healing. She knew I had pain in the right side of my back/ hip area. I’m feeling so much better now! 

I love being a part of The Shining Soul Club! Lara is amazingly gifted. The spiritual guidance, meditations & healing she shares with us each week have helped me to grow so much spiritually. Thank you Lara. I highly recommend joining!

Lara demonstrates a beautiful blend of compassion and sensitivity coupled with incredible strength.

Lara Jaye is one of the highest level healers I have encountered on my journey of self-discovery. She is a gift to this world. HIGHLY recommend her. 

Lara will impact your life on so many levels spiritually, emotionally and mentally. She is a powerful healer, coach and teacher, willing to immerse herself into your being to support and assist you in what needs to be healed, loved and nurtured. 

Lara is a wonderful healer, powerful woman, intuitive teacher and guide for anyone and everyone who is looking to renew their spark and move closer to their soul’s purpose.


*If you request your membership to be cancelled it will be valid and you will have access to all the materials and benefits until your specific next billing due date. Yearly or monthly membership cancellations can not be prorated. There are no refunds.    


Shining Soul Club  — Monthly Support

When I’m connecting to a client’s energy, all I see is your shining soul. Sparks of energy, radiating out of your body, eager to live a life full of adventure and transparency. 

On the surface though what happens is your shining soul becomes dulled from the heaviness of life. You can’t seem to even find yourself anymore. 

You feel off-balance. 

Stuck. Stressed. 

In Pain—Emotional and Physical. 

When I finally slowed down my life long enough to ‘find myself’ my shining soul was but a flicker of a spark. My health was deteriorating and my 25- year marriage was crashing. 

Maybe you see your own life headed in that direction. 

No matter where you are, there’s still hope.

As I focused on my own shining soul, the sparks began to grow and soon the flicker turned into a radiating soul that shone not just on the inside but also on the outside.

Those years of darkness taught me important tools and practices such as:

      • Trusting My Intuition
      • Transformational Energy Clearing 
      • Finding My Purpose
      • Spiritual Practices for a Stress Free Life 
      • Creating a Limitless Life in a Limiting World 
      • Knowing I am More Than Enough
      • What to do when you feel everything – Being Highly Sensitive & Empathic
      • How to Connect to God & Hear Clearly
      • Working with Angels  

Clients tell me all the time.. “I want to know what you know!”

Now, you can! 

These transformative frameworks for living are now available within a private group calling the Shining Soul Club.

I want to personally invite you to join ME LIVE each month in the Shining Soul Club for group energetic clearing, Q&A, laser coaching, and healing. 

We will dive deep into one of the topics above plus much more!

Through working with me in the Shining Soul Club you can expect:

      • A deeper meaning in your work aligned with your values
      • Clarity of your own higher purpose
      • Obstacles are removed (stuck emotions and non-serving beliefs)
      • A renewed heart connection to yourself, God, and others
      • Improved health and vitality
      • Enhanced intimacy and transparency
      • Satisfying partnerships and relationships
      • Increased self-trust and self-love

and much much MORE!  

If what you are doing isn’t working any longer, you’re ready for the Shining Soul Club. 

If you are searching. Seeking something greater in life, you’re ready for the Shining Soul Club. 

If you are unsure of your NEXT step, you’re ready for the Shining Soul Club. 

Feeling stuck is how your soul lets you know it’s time for change. 

We all come to a point where we begin to crave a deeper meaning in life and wonder what our purpose is. If you want to become the best version of yourself in the midst of life’s challenges, the Shining Soul Club is READY FOR YOU!

It’s time to take the dimmer switch off your life and shine as brightly!