a sudden, complete, or marked change; complete internal transformation which

changes the course of your life

You are:

Already successful but feel there has to be more, something more meaningful to contribute to. You are searching. Seeking something greater in life. Feeling stuck, almost agitated, empty with little inner satisfaction.  

Maybe your relationships are crashing, your health took a turn for the worst, or frustration is building
in your career. All eyes at work and home are on you. You feel pressure to figure this out. Because what you used to do…doesn’t work anymore. You’re unsure of your NEXT step. 

You are ready to get to the root cause to make a seismic shift. You want to become the best version of yourself in the midst of life’s challenges.

The relationship you have with yourself
sets the tone for all other relationships.

Ready to live your best life?
It’s time for a Revolution.

This coaching program will revolutionize your life as you work 1:1 with Lara Jaye to uncover and release what’s holding you back then designing practices while instilling habits to catapult you where you want to go.


You’ll be:

  • Given tools to fuse your mind, body, and spirit to create the change you seek
  • Deeply satisfied in who you are and who you are being
  • Instituting daily practices designed specifically for you
  • Taught to see and unravel that which holds you back from living your purpose-filled life
  • Reconnected to your soul’s deepest passion
  • Renewing your spiritual practices
  • Given clarity on your next steps


meaningless work, status quo,
and soul-suck.

What You Can Expect

  • A deeper meaning in your work aligned with your values
  • Clarity of your own higher purpose
  • Obstacles are removed (stuck emotions and non-serving beliefs)
  • A renewed heart connection to yourself, God, and others
  • To be realigned back to your soul’s purpose
  • Improved health and vitality
  • Enhanced intimacy and transparency
  • Satisfying partnerships and relationships
  • Increased self-trust and self-love


  • Living your best life NOW and not putting it off until retirement
  • Waking up feeling fulfilled and purposeful every day
  • Being able to do what you want because you have your health
  • Having all the resources you’ll ever need
  • Believing in yourself with unshakable faith
  • Loving deeply and receiving the same in return
  • Making your wildest dreams a reality
  • Unleashed creativity

What you’ll receive:

Once you’ve submitted your application, 
a complimentary
30-minute session with Lara Jaye will be scheduled
to answer your questions and make sure we’re a good fit to work together.


If you’re approved and join the Revolution Coaching program, you’ll receive:

Twelve (12) 90 minute sessions of Exclusive One-on-One Coaching.


Investment:  $3600. Payment plans available.   

Plus, you’ll receive the following bonuses:

Soul Transformational Blueprint

Personalized mp3 Meditation  

Signed copy of Lara’s #1 Best Seller, More Than Enough: Discover Your Limitless Potential and Live Your Bravest Dream

Ongoing support in our PRIVATE Lara Jaye Facebook Forum. You can continue to go deeper with Lara and connect with other leaders in Lara’s programs.