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Hello, beautiful souls! You will find me often socializing on my social media channels. It’s my way of pouring lots of LOVE and free information into you! I would love to have you connect with me, tell me what you’re struggling with, leave questions and comments. Can’t wait to meet you there! XO

Ms Lara Jaye

International best-selling author, spiritual mentor, speaker, Lara Jaye, passionately inspires others to transform themselves to realize their biggest dreams. She teaches her clients how to shine light into their darkest corners, release stale patterns that keep them stuck, and discover their unique purpose. In “More Than Enough: Discover Your Limitless Potential and Live Your Bravest Dream,” Lara guides others through change. Learn more at and to receive your very own copy of her #1 Amazon Best Seller.
Ms Lara Jaye
Ms Lara Jaye16 hours ago
"Lara is so positive and genuine, just being around her is a soothing, calming, healing event."— Wendy
Ms Lara Jaye
Ms Lara Jaye2 days ago
Learn the benefits of meditation! The Zen Leader Podcast welcomed guests Betsy Nelson and Mary Masi from the Sarasota Mindfulness Institute to the show to discuss mediation and mindfulness. Listen to the show or read the transcript here: Sarasota Mindfulness Institute
Ms Lara Jaye
Ms Lara Jaye5 days ago
Ohhhhh la la! It's FRIDAY! 🤗 If you're feeling the effects of the Spring Equinox, Mercury Retro, AND the Beautiful full moon😩... come see me today Elysian Fields! Here's what a few clients have said recently...

Lara is a wonderful healer, powerful woman, intuitive teacher and guide for anyone and everyone who is looking to renew their spark and move closer to their soul’s purpose.

Lara is a master healer who uses her hands to manipulate and heal the life force energy on areas of weakness of your body.

Lara demonstrates a beautiful blend of compassion and sensitivity coupled with incredible strength.

Lara Jaye is one of the highest level healers I have encountered on my journey of self-discovery. She is a gift to this world. HIGHLY recommend her.

Her spirit just draws you in like an old friend and brings peace.
Ms Lara Jaye
Ms Lara Jaye5 days ago
Lara had the pleasure of being interviewed recently by host Rick Morris of The Work/Life Balance Show. Learn:

*Biggest mistake a leader/executive makes in today’s workplace
*How it affects their personal and professional life
*Top 3 tips for creating more success, more fulfillment and more satisfaction in your own life/work

To listen to the audio:

To watch the youtube interview: R2Consulting
Ms Lara Jaye
Ms Lara Jaye7 days ago
It’s a noisy world out there though. How do you know you’re not listening to your soul?

Do you feel a little off?

Something troubling you and you can’t quite pinpoint it?

Do you have an uncomfortable feeing in the pit of your stomach?

Frustrated? Trouble focusing?

All of these are signs you are not listening to your own guidance system. They are clues to SLOW DOWN, get quiet and get real with yourself. First though, we have to NOTICE that we’re feeling off. We need to become AWARE there is something in our body seeking attention.

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"Lara is so positive and genuine, just being around her is a soothing, calming, healing event."— Wendy mslarajaye photo
1 week ago
I highly recommend engaging Lara as a strategy to wipe your energetic; mental and emotional slate clean!--Georgii #larajaye #soulstrategy #lightlanguage #shiningsoul #spiritualpractice #meditation #spirituality #angels #holistic #transformation mslarajaye photo