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In all of Lara’s dynamic presentations she hones in on the single factor that will transform a person’s life—learning to master their own energy.


Whether it’s a conference or corporate event, Lara’s relatable, inspiring messages will motivate your audience to fine-tuning their own personal energy fostering extraordinary balance and extreme clarity. Audience members will each feel their own shift during the presentation and the impact will continue for decades later. Lara raises the energy in every room she speaks in while the ripple effect spreads through each participant.


The audience’s energy will SHIFT in an instance while feeling:


-increased focused

-expanded intuition

-lowered stress

-release of unprocessed emotions and non-serving beliefs

-decreased stress

-And, MORE!

Signature Speaking Topics

The Hidden Power of Energy

Within your energy field are the secrets to having happy relationships, financial stress or success, emotional intelligence, clarity and vibrant health. Lara sheds light on the secrets our energy fields’ hold as well as the influence our ‘spaces’ (homes, cars, work) can have on our daily life. Prepare to be fascinated and excited to understand your own energy field while learning tools and tips to keep yourself clear.



Shift the Energy of Your House

All homes, walls, spaces and land hold living energy — often disruptive. If you’re struggling to sell a home or feeling off balance in your home, come learn the why, when, how, and best tools to use to clear your space. Transform the heavy, stagnant energies into lighter, more peaceful, and happier energies. Participants will be mesmerized with curiosity and amazement during this unique, eye-opening and insightful workshop as Lara peels back the layers of the unseen world around us.



Master Your Energy, Transform Your Life

Often feeling stuck is a sign it’s time for change. Prepare to connect within to release any stuck, stale energy that is holding you back from your ideal life. That’s the powerful world that once you tap into it, physical reality shifts in ways you’ve only dreamed of. Answers become available, clarity returns, healing integrates, illness dissipates, blocks are cleared, mountains move and lives change.