Keynotes & Workshops on The Hidden Power of Energy

Within your energy field are the secrets to having happy relationships, financial stress or success, emotional intelligence, clarity and vibrant health.

Join Intuitive Advisor, International Best-Selling Author and Speaker, Lara Jaye, as she sheds light on the secrets our energy fields’ hold and participate in a group clearing meditation to release any subconscious blocks and pain (emotional or physical). Lara’s deep clearing work reveals insights at the spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and heart levels while clearing multi-dimensionally and generationally to help you create the shifts you seek and gain greater clarity. 

There is power in the unseen. In the feelings, in the emotions, in the energy that is barely, if at all visible to the human eye. There is power in the intangible concepts of intuition, connection, and knowing, where the invisible force propelling a decision is so strong that it shifts reality, yet the visual proof of its existence is elusive. How do you explain that which you cannot see? How do you Master the invisible? It starts with knowing it is there in the first place. 

That’s the powerful world that once you tap into it, physical reality shifts in ways you’ve only dreamed of. Answers become available, clarity returns, healing integrates, illness dissipates, blocks are cleared, mountains move and lives change. 



Mastering Your Energy

Shift Your Energy to Transform Your Life

Shifting the Energy of Your House