‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook


‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook

Spiritual Mentorship

3-Month Journey

Next one begins January 2021– Apply now to be considered. 

Do you have an insatiable desire for all things spiritual?

Do you want to learn to trust your own inner guidance?


The spiritual path isn’t always an easy one. Especially if you’re searching on your own, by yourself.  This 3-month deep dive will transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

The themes below are my general guideline (in no particular order). I follow my guidance on what is needed and when. Divine messages through myself and Light Language are directed towards specific areas in your life such as relationships, confidence, power, financial abundance and living in FLOW.

This work isn’t for everyone. I have limited spots for only a few that are 100% IN. If YOU are 100% IN, I’m your mirror– 100% committed to your growth and holding space while lighting the path for you. Only you are responsible for the outcome of your life. After you apply and we both agree it’s a solid GREAT fit, we will have plenty of group and 1:1 private time for healings, clearings, activiations, direction, strategy, tools and tips.      

Benefits of Lara’s Spiritual Mentorship

Extreme Clarity

Extraordinary Life Balance

Expanded Intuition

Higher Confidence

Deep Connections

Enlightened and inspired next steps

Expanded intuition to trust your inner guidance

Unparalleled ability to make great decisions FAST

Profound shift to a life of flow, being-ness and power

Relaxed mind and body

Deeper- rich life experience

Increased health and wellness

Feel more alive, happy and grounded


Although the inner work seems simple, it’s not easy.

I invite you to allow me to hold space for you while teaching you key elements and tools to ensure a rock solid spiritual path.  


Lara Jaye

“Working with Lara has changed the trajectory of not only my life, but my husband and children’s lives as well. She is most definitely my lifelong mentor, coach and friend…my (not-so) “secret weapon” because I recommend her to everyone I know. Our businesses started picking up, health improvements were realized, balance was restored and we began to have tremendous clarity to move through life with a new understanding.”



“I highly recommend engaging Lara as a strategy to wipe your energetic; mental and emotional slate clean – to recalibrate with your higher purpose, energy and clarity. Lara is very human but deeply connected to the source and spiritual realms; she has clear and direct abilities to communicate with her and your powers at be to help reshape, realign and redesign your life’s purpose, mission and balance. I will definitely be working with her again! I really needed that!”


Below are general themes we will be covering throughout the next 12 weeks:


Mastering the Monkey Mind


Mindfulness & Meditation

Feeding Your Soul & Body

Aura Clearing

Space Clearing/Business Clearing

Clear Ancestral Afflictions passed down from generation to generation

Daily Rituals

Finding Your Inner Calm

Connecting with Your Angels and Higher Dimensions

Creating Your Ideal Life

Applying Universal Laws to Your Life

Building & Working With Your Spirit Team

Raising Your Vibration and Frequency

Living Life in Flow

Managing Your Daily Emotions

Your Vision + Purpose

Energy Healing + Clearing

Expand Your Intuition

Power of Crystals in Healing 

Power of Sound/Frequency in Healing  

Light Language

Light Language activation– if interested

Uncover YOU and Your Power Within

Energy Vampires & Other Drains

Tools &🛠 Tips for the Energy Sensitive

How to know your NEXT BEST STEP

Clarity in the Chaos

Setting Up Your Physical Space to Support You

Release obstacles to health, money/wealth, relationships

Release addictions

Using your body as a Pendulum

Imprtance of ‘Grounding’ Your Body

Root Energy Center (Your Foundation, safety, security and money)

Sacral Energy Center (food, sex, and creativity)

Solar Energy Center (self-esteem and your power center)

Heart Energy Center (loving yourself and others)

Throat Energy Center (communication and speaking your truth)

Third Eye Energy Center (connecting to your intuition) 

Crown Energy Center (connects to your higher self and the universe’s)

Level 1 Spiritual Mentorship Pricing 3Month

plus bonuses