Even with all your money, status, and material abundance, your soul isn’t satisfied.

It’s screaming

For something different that will satisfy you from the inside — out.


Lara Jaye 

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What is Light Language?

Did you know your Soul has it’s own language? It’s not words … it’s not meditation … it’s not prayer Light Language is the Language of Your Soul. If your soul is aching for more meaning, fulfillment and yearning for a higher and deeper way to express itself … Light Language will show you the way.

Feeling stuck is how your soul lets you know it’s time for change. 


meaningless work, status quo,
and soul-suck.

What You Can Expect

  • A deeper meaning in your work aligned with your values
  • Clarity of your own higher purpose
  • Obstacles are removed (stuck emotions and non-serving beliefs)
  • A renewed heart connection to yourself, God, and others
  • To be realigned back to your soul’s purpose
  • Improved health and vitality
  • Enhanced intimacy and transparency
  • Satisfying partnerships and relationships
  • Increased self-trust and self-love

nLara demonstrates a beautiful blend of
compassion and sensitivity coupled with incredible strength.” – Brenda Dumas


Ready to

take the first step to your next step?

Is this you?

Top of your game but feel like there has to be more, something more meaningful to contribute to. 

You are searching. Seeking something greater in life. Feeling stuck, almost agitated, empty with little inner satisfaction.  

Maybe your relationships are crashing, your health took a turn for the worst, or frustration is building in your career. All eyes at work and home are on you. You feel pressure to figure this out. Because what you used to do…doesn’t work anymore.

You’re unsure of your NEXT step. Craving deeper meaning and purpose for it all.  

You are ready to get to the root cause to make a seismic shift. You want to become the best version of yourself in the midst of life’s challenges.

How much more can you take without


Breaking down?  

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