As a soul-inspiring thought leader, international best-selling author, happiness and mindfulness coach, sought after speaker, and podcast host,

Lara Jaye utilizes her spiritual gifts to mentor others who want to live a fuller, more purposeful joy-filled life. She helps her clients look within to find their own soul driven purpose and clear the areas of their lives that are holding them back — intellectually, emotionally, physically, and energetically. The outcome is a blueprint for profound inner happiness and transformation in their life.

In her #1 best-selling Amazon book, More Than Enough: Discover Your Limitless Potential and Live Your Bravest Dream (2015), Lara guides others through transition while reaching for their bravest dream. In her international best-selling books she co-authored, Midlife Transformation: Redefining Life, Love, Health and Success (2016), Lara tells her story entitled “God-Spark” and in the most recent book, Courageous Hearts (2017), Lara describes her courageous path in “Finding My Happy.”

From the outside-looking in, Lara was living the “picture perfect” life—wonderful family, successful marketing company, fabulous vacations, beautiful home, and more. However, on the inside, a storm was brewing. It wasn’t all that long ago, she was struggling with a deep depression, major health crisis, end of her 25-year marriage, self-hatred, becoming an empty nester, and increased frustration with sustaining her marketing company. When her perfect world collapsed, Lara began writing, meditating and practicing impeccable self-care as a way to heal.

Her self-taught tools and tips helped her and now hundreds of clients dive into their own darkest corners, breakthrough areas that are holding them back, discover their unique purpose and live out their own bravest dream.

Lara is a Butler University graduate (Indianapolis, Indiana) and iCoach University certified.

Lara has been a featured author over a dozen times in the online magazine, Aspire, as well as a guest on numerous podcasts. She offers a broad range of services including customized VIP days, retreats, speaking, online courses, group and individual coaching.

The future belongs to those who believe in the

Beauty of Their Dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

“Lara’s workshop for her book ‘More Than Enough’ couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and constant negative self talk. I tried to seek fulfillment in other people, food, and even work to mask my pain. I stayed stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere because it felt comfortable and safe to me. Then I discovered this course by Lara and it changed my life around. No longer was I going to question if I was ‘Enough’! I had to get real with myself and take responsibility for what I was attracting into my life. I now realize how important self love is and without loving myself first, I would not be able to love others around me. Lara has helped me to see my potential even when I couldn’t see it myself. I am forever grateful towards her for helping me release old patterns and for opening myself up to unlimited possibilities.”

Natania Chalke

And the day came when
the risk to remain
tight in a bud was
more painful than the

risk it took to blossom.