Bringing over 25 years experience; CEOs, entertainment executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders seek Lara Jaye for a unique strategic edge guiding them and their teams both professionally and personally. She helps them clear areas of their lives to allow for expanded intuition, profound inner satisfaction, deeper relationships, vibrant health, and a meaningful, inspiring life.

As a soul-inspiring thought leader, CEO, Intuitive Executive Coach, Spiritual Mentor, International Best-Selling Author, Healer, Speaker and Podcast Host, Lara’s unique healing modality includes transmission of healing codes through Light Language. This language offers a life-changing experience that speaks to your soul to expand and up-level your life. For more information to understand Light Language, CLICK HERE.     

Lara combines reiki energy healing and light language in moving stuck energy  (imprints, beliefs, patterns, entities, spirits, etc) from people, places, land, and businesses. There are only few people in the world attuned to Light Language, with more and more opening up to it everyday. 

She is a Butler University graduate (Indianapolis, Indiana), iCoach University certified, Reiki Master/Teacher, passionate entrepreneur, and light language transmitter.

In her #1 best-selling Amazon book, More Than Enough: Discover Your Limitless Potential and Live Your Bravest Dream (2015), Lara guides others through transition while reaching for their bravest dream. In her international best-selling books she co-authored, Midlife Transformation: Redefining Life, Love, Health and Success (2016), Lara tells her story entitled “God-Spark” and in the most recent book, Courageous Hearts (2017), Lara describes her courageous path in “Finding My Happy.”

Lara has been a featured author over a dozen times in the online magazine, Aspire, as well as a guest on numerous podcasts. She offers a broad range of services including customized VIP days, retreats, speaking, online courses, group and individual coaching.

Why I do What I do:

From the outside-looking in, I was living the “picture perfect” life—wonderful husband, two great kids, successful marketing company, fabulous vacations, beautiful home, pillar of the community and more. 

However, on the inside, a storm was brewing. 

I was struggling with a deep depression, major health crisis, end of my 25-year marriage, self-hatred, becoming an empty nester, and increased frustration with my marketing company that I didn’t have the strength to sustain. 

I was living a life out of harmony with who I was at the core with no one to guide me in navigating the choppy waters.

And secondly, it’s global. I have a deep desire to see corporate cultures include a more holistic, healthy approach for each team member.

Often companies monopolize employee’s time with pressure to stay at the office. Even if your company doesn’t put pressure on you, we tend to do it to ourselves, ignoring other important aspects of ourselves. Our productivity declines, our health suffers, relationships crash. And….we keep working. Every person needs time each day to care for themselves in a holistic way —their mind, body, spirit, emotions and energy. Let alone time with loved ones. If their daily job is consuming their life force and they are not able to fit in time to feed other areas of their lives, they can not live at their highest and best.  

Life is about being present with yourself, your Spirit, and your other relationships. It’s about about taking care of yourself FIRST AND FOREMOST, then, the rest can fall into place. It starts with a choice though. A choice to choose YOU.  When you do… productivity increases, happiness returns, health expands, you make better decisions and relationships can grow. 

do what makes your

Soul Shine.

She’s smart, sassy, funny, and soulful with wisdom beyond what we know. Sure, she has business smarts and is used to working with C-Level people, but she is able to distill any problem or hurdle into bite-sized pieces and make so-called obstacles into opportunities for growth. Lara seemingly takes these blinders off of your face, figuratively smacks you across the face with a velvety hand, and releases you into the open to make you free to be the person you were meant to be in this world. It’s a liberating experience that can change you life.

Lara just gets it. She is able to relate to any experience — and I mean any experience, whether you’re a man or woman — and can help you breathe for a moment and assess the situation. There is an instant connection that only takes five minutes or less with her. With Lara, there is no “let’s stay in touch” — there’s a “we’re already in touch.” Her spirit just draws you in like an old friend and brings peace.

I hesitate to ask for help. I’ve always considered my self to be self sufficient, so asking for help was a big step for me. The best thing about working with Lara is you feel safe because she’s walked in your shoes.

Brad Mc


Lara’s work is so powerful and spot on! I feel that it is moving layers of mountains that I could never get to on my own, either on the physical plane, in counseling, or with any other modality. After my first session with Lara, I began to feel better than in years. I look forward to continuing this work with her. She is truly gifted and connected in a way that is powerful and loving and completely light-filled. 


And the day came when
the risk to remain
tight in a bud was
more painful than the

risk it took to blossom.