‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook


‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook

Podcast host Rick Morris of The Work/Life Balance Show interviewed Lara Jaye recently on his show. Learn:

*Biggest mistake a leader/executive makes in today’s workplace  

*How it affects their personal and professional life

*Top 3 tips for creating more success, more fulfillment and more satisfaction in your own life/work 

To listen to the audio: http://bit.ly/2PXMYEj

To watch the youtube interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK96MNJgO2k&feature=youtu.be R2Consulting

Author, Podcaster, Speaker, Michael Zildjian  and Lara Jaye gab about the difficulty of finding a way to keep going when there seems to be no end in sight to the difficulties we face.  They also discuss meditation and manifestation. This is a fun one! 

Lara Jaye on the Career Confidante

Leaders and professional are burned out – tired of living to work. Research is mounting that long work weeks erode productivity. The new leadership and communication frameworks demand transparency and authenticity. What does all this mean? That success in the workplace is no longer about the separation of the personal and the professional – your ability to leave your personality or spirit at the door. Instead, career success requires integrating life and work. In this episode of The Career Confidante, host Marie Zimenoff welcomes soul-inspiring intuitive executive coach Lara Jaye. Lara will share the secrets of high-powered leaders who have recognized that they can’t detach themselves or a team member from their spirit to do their work. Listen in and learn the three steps to create more success, fulfillment, and satisfaction in your work and life.

Lara Jaye on Tyler Wagner's Business Blast

Want to know the key to happiness AND Lara’s BEST overall business advise? Lara Jaye joins Tyler Wagner on the Business BLAST Podcast!

Shelby Deering, Rodale’s Organic Life, interviewed Lara Jaye on building mental strength! Click for article/interview.  8 Little Ways To Build Mental Strength Every Single Day Simple steps to becoming a more resilient, mentally tough person. You don’t have to be the Dalai Lama or Oprah to achieve mental clarity and toughness. With some practice and armed with tips and tricks, you can find mental strength and in turn, improve your thinking patterns.

Listen to the Power of Stillness from Lara Jaye on Best-selling Publisher and Host Linda Joy on the Inspired Conversations Radio Show on the #OMTimes network. Linda’s show is dedicated to bringing you intimate, authentic conversations with today’s leading visionary women in personal and spiritual development, success and mindset, natural health and wellness, conscious business and self-empowerment. 

What if the internal confusion and despair that stems from not feeling like you’re enough was really the conduit to your soul’s calling? Not that long ago, a major health crisis, end of her 25-year marriage and a spiritual awakening brought today’s guest, Lara Jaye’s “perfect” world to collapse. As she learned to ‘be still’ she began viewing the pieces of what was her life, a voice whispered in her ear, “You are enough” and lit a spark of hope. Today Lara is a powerful leader who takes her clients on a transformational journey to dig deep into their limiting beliefs, challenges them to rise above their fears, and invites them to discover their limitless potential and live their bravest dream. As Lara discovered, what’s waiting on the other side of our darkest days is a life beyond what we can imagine.