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What is Light Language?

Did you know your Soul has it’s own language?

It’s not words … it’s not meditation … it’s not prayer

Light Language is the Language of Your Soul.

If your soul is aching for more meaning, fulfillment and yearning for a higher and deeper way to express itself … Light Language will show you the way.

When people are in pain … emotional, spiritual or physical they often seek the language of medicine to cure what ails them. Sometimes they seek solace in alcohol or drugs.

But … when the pain is deep inside your soul, none of those things will do the trick.

True healing occurs when you’re able to have your soul lead the way and for your soul to lead the way, you’ve got to release the blocks and limits that have been placed on it … things such as … being trapped by “Golden Handcuffs”, feeling stuck or unsure of how you could possibly change your life without a house of cards falling down all around you.

Light Language will speak to your Soul and allow your Soul to speak to you so that your next steps are clear, enlightened and inspired.

My Story…

Although extremely active in church (Christian-based) my entire life, my heart longed for more. I craved a deeper connection with God and sadly, no matter how often I went to church, volunteered, taught the Bible studies or studied the Word, I couldn’t fill the empty hole in my heart. 

From the outside-looking in, I was living the “picture perfect” life—wonderful husband, two great kids, successful marketing company, fabulous vacations, beautiful home, pillar of the community and more. 

However, on the inside, a storm was ready to hit land. 

I was struggling with a deep depression, major health crisis, end of my 25-year marriage, self-hatred, becoming an empty nester, and increased frustration with my marketing company that I didn’t have the strength to sustain.

In a last ditch effort, I began to seek alternate options to heal. Including meeting in a group meditation where a unique language was spoken. Although I didn’t understand the words to this language, my soul did. I began to feel lighter, different, even transformed.    

The more I meditated, the more open I became to this language. Little by little, I got out of the way so that this unique language could come through my own voice. 

What to call it and the purpose I wouldn’t know for years later. 

As I was walking, praying, and meditating one day a memory returned to me in a flash. I spoke this unique language as child. I remembered speaking it at night when I was afraid. It calmed me down. Comforted me. For whatever reason, I pushed it aside and didn’t remember it until my 40’s.

Growing up in the Christian community, I’d been around others who on a few occasions would speak in tongues for a word or sentence, but never for hours like we would do. 

I struggled with what was happening. My head couldn’t understand what I was saying nor could I explain the purpose or even name it. Intuitively, I knew my language came from the Angels. Often I would refer to it as “Angel Speak”, for lack of a better name. Questions continued to float through my head, like: 

What would people think?

What is it’s purpose? 

What am I saying?

Would I start blurting this out when I was in line at the grocery?  

I didn’t have any answers. 

All I knew is how it made me feel and that was AMAZING! 

My health was improving. 

Things I had struggled with all my life, just disappeared. 

I began to feel present. I enjoyed being alive again. 

My strength was gradually returning. 

The hole in my heart for God was FILLING UP! 

I began to utilize this gift not just on myself but other close friends who wanted to experience it. They felt the same way as I did.. here are some of what they would say… 

I felt like I just had a chiropractic adjustment–rebalanced.

I could feel Lara pull something out of my body. Before, I felt weighed down and afterwards, I felt lighter. I had much more energy. 

I feel like chains have been broken off of me. Whatever was holding me back, is gone!

I felt reset back to love.   

Fast forward several years… 

Three best-selling books, speaking, and hundreds of clients later, I continued to SPEAK and WRITE in this unique language. I didn’t hide it on purpose; however, I saw no reason to put myself out there for ridicule. 

I knew the power in this gift and my soul was screaming at me to share it with more people. This is not something that was meant to be hidden.       

I heard someone refer to what I did as “Light Language” and finally that name resonated with me. After researching, I realize there are people (although only a few) all over the world who speak this incredibly powerful language while more and more everyday are opening up to it. Often it includes words and sometimes even sounds or clicks.  

It doesn’t speak to our heads. Instead, it bypasses our head (and ego) and goes straight to our heart. This is language for our heart and soul. This is a language that is not understood at the physical level however our soul’s soak up the words and the codes it contains. It is truly LIGHT language. It carries LIGHT from God, our Source. It carries codes and imprinting straight from the heavens to all of us for our own healing and many other purposes.   

From my understanding, not everyone who speaks Light Language is bringing in the same codes and imprinting; so I can only speak to what I know I myself am doing. Generally, when I’m working on someone, my Light Language is specifically designed for these unique purposes:

  • Reorganization of energy–It moves stuck energy and emotions 
  • Activates people to realize their unlimited potential 
  • Clears and balances their chakras
  • Upgrades their DNA
  • Imprints healing and regenerating codes 
  • Repairs holes and tears in their auric fields 
  • Imprints a higher vibration into their cells
  • Recalibrates the body and energy field 
  • Clear unhealthy cords and bonds to people, places, things, circumstances
  • All of the above for animals, homes, land, and any space as well    

I also utilize Light Language for specific purposes such as helping people lose weight, lower their stress, get over addictions, and more. Light Language is ancient and sacred. It’s not something to take lightly yet it can be used as often as needed or desired. I’m honored and thrilled to be able to share this powerful, transformative, and divine gift from the Heavens. As I’m working on clients, what it does for them, it does for me as well. 

And, to answer my own questions above —  I’ve already mentioned its purposes. I realized that I didn’t need to know WHAT I was saying (that’s God’s job), that it’s none of my business what people think of me, and that I DO have complete control over when the Light Language begins/ends so a grocery store checkout episode most likely will not occur????!   

Many Blessings,