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‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook

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Have you ever walked into a room and something felt off?

Maybe you were previewing a home to purchase and, although, it looked perfect for you on paper, instead you got a strange feeling. You couldn’t explain it nor put your finger on WHY. It was just a KNOWING that you didn’t want to stay long.

Just like people and businesses, all walls, spaces, homes, and land retains living energy. Everything — matter or non-matter – holds memories. We can’t see memories but our bodies and especially our homes “hold” them.

Thoughts, words and emotions create bubbles of energy. This energy becomes embedded into our physical bodies and all physical spaces. Often staying stuck until they are cleared through prayer and focused intention.

If you’re struggling to sell a home or feeling off-balance in your new home, a space clearing would transform those negative, weak energies to allow for lighter, healing, more helpful and happier energies.

Just like people and businesses, all walls, spaces, homes, and

land retains living energy

Reasons to have a space clearing:

  • buying, selling or building a new home or business
  • divorce OR remarriage
  • declining health
  • feeling like someone is watching you OR just an uncomfortable feeling 
  • sudden unexplained illness or death
  • arguing in home
  • stressful living situation
  • after a party/extra family living in the house
  • experiencing stuckness or confusion
  • business income decreasing or stagnate
  • unsettled, disgruntled employees



All home clearings are done remotely, unless otherwise arranged. Remote home clearings start at $500, depending on scope of project. And, yes, they are just as effective as in person!  

In-person home clearing pricing are as follows PLUS travel arrangements if not in the same city as Lara resides:

  • $500 for Homes 2000 sq. feet or less
  • $750 for homes 2000-3500 sq feet
  • $1100 for homes 3500-5000 sq feet
  • $2000 for homes 5000 –7000 sq feet
  • 7000+ sq feet Email for quote
Event, real estate and business clearings start at $2000 (depending on location, size, and number of staff members)
To schedule your clearing TODAY or for additional information, please email your detailed request and location to Lara’s assistant at elle@larajaye.com. 
I was wading through the aftermath of my husband’s death following his long illness. I had placed our house on the market, hoping to move on with my life. Unfortunately, the house had not sold. In fact, there had been no buyers. Lara agreed to clear the house remotely since she was out of the area. Her report following the clearing was very specific about dates and actions. The results were amazing! A buyer appeared just as Lara said and in the exact time frame predicted. She also was able to speak with my late husband and his messages to me have been of great comfort. I would happily consult with Lara on any life situation. In fact, I will have her clear the new house and engage in an ongoing conversation with my husband.

The result of Lara’s work was amazing to watch. Seeing your loved ones feeling the weight of past traumas and negative energy lifted off of them was such a gift. Our businesses started picking up, health improvements were realized, balance was restored and we began to have tremendous clarity to move through life with a new understanding that gives us a level of peace that was unknown before this. We decided to clear our home as well and that has also made a difference. Our house finally feels more like a home. Love and joy is back. I even realized my decor had been reflecting how I was feeling. We have been enjoying redecorating together and making it ours.



Lara will impact your life on so many levels spiritually, emotionally and mentally. She is a powerful healer, coach and teacher, willing to immerse herself into your being to support and assist you in what needs to be healed, loved and nurtured. An intuit with so many abilities to guide you and help you every step of the way. Lara is my friend and healer and has impacted my life in so many positive ways. Being around Lara, I have learned wonderful techniques,expanded my sense of the universe, and gained confidence in all that I do. I experience uplifting, and a presence of love. I feel a closer connection to all in my life. She is compassionate, sensitive, intelligent, emphatic and a wonderful person to be on your side in all matters great and small.

Janet Bassett

Realtor, Sotheby's

Lara helped us tremendously by clearing some old and stuck energy in the house and refilled with Light filled energy. There is an unbelievable difference in our home now and it is noticed by others. It feels like our home now! Lara is a truly gifted energy healer. She is kind, caring, knowledgeable, deeply intuitive and professional. We are so grateful she came into our lives.


The short term results were immediately feeling a sense of a weight being lifted from my shoulders. The long term results have been that numerous. Employees that needed to be gone, left by themselves. The employees that stayed raised their awareness and vibration. And money wise, we are up $70,000 in 6 months compared to last year. Lara has created an energy of healing and raised our vibration on a personal level which has translated into an elevated business and overall environment.



Lara is a warm, authentic energy healer and her guided meditations are the best I have experienced along my spiritual path. I’ve had many reiki sessions with her and always leave with my stagnant energy lifted, having more knowledge about myself and feeling much lighter!. It has also made me realize how important it is to take care of my physical energy and the energy of my home!.

In addition to reiki sessions, I’ve worked with Lara to do home clearings on a couple of family members homes. These home environments felt heavy, uncomfortable and some of them were experiencing physical ailments. After Lara worked her “magic”, the heaviness has been lifted. the house is brighter and now it feels lighter …like home again!

Lara is a life coach, therapist and intuitive healer all in one gifted package. I’m grateful to have found her and will continue to work with her and recommend her to whomever I can.



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