‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook


‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook

This is a transcription blog from Lara’s Soulful Sunday Easter 2020 event on Facebook Live. You can watch in full here and participate in the light language clearing at the end:  CLICK HERE. 


I am Lara Jaye, and welcome to Soulful Sunday. Say hi if you’re here. Awesome, Steven. I’m glad things are going well over there. Can you guys all hear me okay? I think so. Okay, so we’re going to go ahead and get started. I want to answer a question I just got in from a client, that is a fabulous client of mine. She asked me this question: how do you know, and I hear this a lot … Let me read the question in the … Hold on. So the question is, how do I know if the voice I hear is that … she used the words better angels, and I’m just going to say, how do you know if the voice you hear is a trustworthy voice? This has come up a lot this week for me and I hear it from a lot of clients. How do I know to trust this voice that I hear?


I want to answer that question for you today. How do you know how to trust it? How do know if you’re just not crazy? How do you know? Because in the past that was really what they decided is that, well, if you hear voices, if you hear things, if you see things, then something’s wrong with you, right? They would tell us that. That’s why so many of us, especially in my generation, were shutdown. We were allowed to have an imaginary friend as a child, but then as we grew up, “Oh no, you can’t.” We talked about that. You can only … only what’s real. Only what’s physical right here in front of us is. Is this real? But what about where we came from? What about our soul? What about all of the other things?



I want to answer that question: How do I know how to trust? How do I know how to trust the voice that I’m hearing? There’s a lot to that, but I want to give you a really simple way to trust that voice and to trust basically everything. That is, getting quiet. That is getting quiet. Generally, it’s I put a hand on my heart, a hand on my stomach. I get very quiet. Take a couple deep breasts. I try to clear myself, and then I either listen for the voice or I listen for whatever it is that’s coming through. I see how it feels in my body. I listen for the words. Is it positive? Is it loving, or is it trying to scare me?

Now, if it’s fearful or trying to scare you or trying to get you to do something that is little off the wall, that’s not the your angels. That’s not God. That is the voice. This voice is going to be very beautiful and loving and, of course, it’s filtered through all of us through our own perceptions. So we may think, I don’t know … We might think, “Well, they might tell me to do something that just feels a little off inside,” that’s a no. That is don’t do it. Or, it’s not time yet, and you wait until everything, so you wait until it all lines up till you’re in the flow. You wait until it feels right in your body. You wait until the words are positive and loving. So that’s how you can tell.

I also want to just suggest to you that we can have, especially when you first open up intuitively, I’m just going to say this, every Tom, Dick and Harry, a lot of times dead person shows up, especially when you’re first opening up and it can be quite frightening. They can tell you things, and they can. Then you hear them and then you might be afraid, and then you might possibly shut it all down again or think, “Well, I don’t want that.” You get to choose. At first I didn’t understand when I was opening up intuitively that I got to choose. I thought I had to talk to every person that showed up and you don’t do. You don’t. You get to choose. You can say, “I don’t want to talk to dead people.”


You make that choice and move on. Tell your angels who you want to talk to. “I want to talk to only the highest angels, the highest and best for me, my guides, my angels, my highest and best spirit team.” We can have outdated spirit team people trying to help us, and they can even be wanting to help us in their best way and it’s not helping us. So these are all really highly advanced things to consider. If you want help with that or more questions, please let me know because I want to get to our big topic today.

But that, basically, check in with your body. When you hear something or when you’re trying to make a decision, check in with your body. Hand on the heart, hand on the stomach, how is your body responding? Does it feel like it’s constricting or does it feel like it’s opening? So if it’s constricting, that’s fear. That’s a no. If it’s opening, it’s expanding. That’s a yes. That’s a yes. Go for it..

H,i Paula. Hi, James. Laura, Heather, awesome, and Roy, Roy Jean Meyer, yay. Awesome. Great people here on the call. So what I want to talk about today as we’ve all been trapped in our homes now for at least a month, if not more or less, give or take a couple of days. So things are probably getting a little stuffy. First of all, I want to say Happy Easter to everyone. Happy, Happy Easter. What a beautiful day we have for Easter. I saw in Texas they were getting tornadoes. I hope that that is over. Got a notice on my phone this morning from my son. My son’s area is getting tornadoes. But here in Florida, absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous, beautiful Easter morning. It feels I have this new excitement for today, and I don’t know what it is yet, so we’ll find out what comes through later.

But I want to talk about space clearing today. So we’ve all been our spaces, we’ve been in our homes, and a lot of you have hired me to help you clear homes, clear spaces, or clear, you first of all, and then secondly, your homes because we, our homes, our businesses, what are they? They’re an extension of us. So I have, as a free offering for everyone today, if you would like it, just shoot me an email and I’ll send you … I have a 12-page ebook called If Your Walls Could Talk: Do-It-Yourself House Clearing. During our meditation today, we’re actually going to clear the space that you’re in. So if you want to participate along, then you can do that. Then if you need a little added help with that, you can get the ebook or reach out to me, of course. Most of all of my work is done remotely anyway. It doesn’t matter whether I go to your house or whether you’re in Australia, it does not matter.

energy is energy, and I love it. It can. Energy can never be destroyed. Energy can never be destroyed, but it can be transmuted, it can be changed. So if you’re feeling this really heavy, stressful energy, just know that you get to choose to change that. You get to choose to change that. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today. A lot of people call me for different reasons for house clearing. So right now we’re all stuck in your homes and our walls are soaking up all of our words. We know that when we walk into a room, we’ve all walked into a room, caught our breath. Maybe it just felt a little off or it felt heavy or maybe felt amazing. You walk into a room and you’re like, “Oh, this is great. What a beautiful place,” and you didn’t even really have time to look around, but you felt it. You felt it. I say your spidey senses felt it. You felt it. You knew it intuitively as you walked in to this space. Your spidey senses also knew exactly who to take you over to, to talk to when you walked into that room.

We go to the familiar. Our body, we’re always looking for balance; we’re always looking for the familiar. Now, there’s good and bad about that. That’s a whole another Zoom call or Facebook Live. I always go into the familiar and getting ourselves in trouble that way. I know I’ve done that way too many times, but the … give me a heart emoji if you’ve done that too many times, gone back to the familiar and it’s messed things up. So anyway, let me know if your fear are on track with me. Or, and also give me a heart emoji if you’ve walked into a room and just fell off, and knew that something was wrong here, something was heavy. It’s a room maybe you shouldn’t be in. That happened sometimes too, right?

So other reasons that people might call me, variety of reasons. So sometimes they’re actually seeing shadows. They could be hearing odd sounds, experiencing feelings of dread, depression. There could be unexplained fighting in the house amongst family members. Health, people’s health could be declining, especially if they’ve just moved somewhere and then all of a sudden there’s fighting or there’s health issues, or just feeling stuck in life. So all of these things are reasons that … all of these things are reasons that caused people to call me or have a house clearing.

‘ve had many clients who have had non-stop plumbing issues, pantry shelves fall. Just very odd, unexplained occurrences. People could just be buying or selling a home or building a new house. They could be getting divorced, going through a divorce, or it could be a remarriage and they’re in a new house and want to start over. I’ve mentioned the declining health. Sometimes people just feel like somebody is watching them and they feel uncomfortable. Could be just a stressful living situation, which, frankly, many of us are all in right now. You could be experiencing confusion. Your business income could be decreasing or stagnant. You could have some unsettled or disgruntled employees.

So all of that, those are all of those reasons plus more, why people call me or why they need to do a space clearing. Right now as we have been stuck in our homes for a long time, what’s happening? All of our furniture, all of our walls, everything is holding all of our stucky mode, all of our emotions, or things that we have been, if we’ve been tearful some days, different things. Our homes hold it. Now, this is kind of funny. I just moved into this place here on the water about three months ago and I kept hearing a lady’s name.

Now, I know a lot of people with this name and I kept checking like, “Is it this one? Is it that one. Is it …?” That was, “No, no, no.” So it was very odd. Then a couple of weeks in, I meet a lady in the parking lot and she has this name and she was the woman who used to live in this house. She lived here for three years. So it was kind of funny, but it made sense. This house was full of her energy, and I had cleared mainly the energy of it, but I hadn’t done the full clearing yet because I really just moved in. A lot of times you want to wait, you want to do like a preliminary one, then you want to wait until you get your stuff in. So anyway, that was interesting and funny when I finally met her and realized that she had been the one who was living here.

Think about just the last few weeks in your house, in your space, maybe the room you’re sitting in right now. So when we do our meditation, we’re going to clear that, okay? So I want you to just begin to think about what happens when you walk into different rooms, when you preview a house, if you’ve ever had that happen, write a note. Write a little note in the chat that you’ve definitely felt this shift or you felt the energy of a room when you walked in. So, like I said, our homes, our rooms, our businesses, our cars, everything is an extension of us. Everything is an extension of us. Just like people and businesses, wall, space homes, land, everything retains energy. Matter or non-matter holds memories. So we can’t see the memories in our body, can we? But we hold them.

We hold these memories. Sometimes they’re homemade ice cream with grandma, children playing and laughing, but other times they’re more disruptive. Negative mentality, gossiping guests. Have you ever noticed that after you’ve had somebody over and maybe they were very negative or gossiping, that not only did you feel awful, but it took a couple of days to get that feeling out of your house? Stuff like that happens, happens.

Some of the other interesting things that happen in space clearing, I find that it’s not even the house or the space or the wall. Sometimes it’s the land. Sometimes it has to do with the electric discharges from radiation, especially if we have really sensitive bodies. Sometimes it’s from the Native Americans who lived here before or other death and destruction energy. I clear a lot of homes that have just been renovated with a lot of construction workers in, and when they’re hammering, when they’re working very hard, they’re releasing a lot of stuff and that gets stuck in what? In your kitchen; that gets stuck in your stuff. I do a lot of clearing and things like that. Thoughts, words, emotions, they create these almost like bubbles of energy that gets embedded. It gets embedded in our physical body and our physical spaces and it stays stuck and it stays there until we tell it to go somewhere else or we transmute it to something else. So we are in charge and we get to do that. So it’s fun and that’s where our power is. It’s where our superpower is.

If you are feeling stuck yourself, if you’re feeling stressed or physically ill, so know that this is one of the best places to start, and that is clearing your homes, clearing your space, clearing your body. Doing one of these little light language space clearings. So, like I said, previous owner issues. Like they could, let’s say the people before you moved into this house, maybe there was a death in your space and maybe you didn’t know that. Then all of a sudden you move in and you get sick, and you don’t know. You didn’t know what was gone or maybe it was a couple before, something like that. That energy is still in your home until you, with prayer and with intention, move that out.

This is not something new. This has been going on. Space clearing and home clearings and home blessings have been going on for hundreds and hundreds of years in all different religions, and it is so important that our homes are a beautiful reflection of us and support us in our own healing and our work. So when you’re feeling off, when you’re feeling stuck, when there’s fighting going on, know that things … You need a shift. You need a shift. You need a little energy. Need a little energy space clearing. So we’re going to be, again, we’ll do that.

I’ve had a lot of experience over the years of doing this. I actually started with clearing my own home in Indiana, and we had been on some native land. There was a lot of .. I was seeing shadows. I was seeing some … I was very sick and a lot of things. I didn’t realize until later all of the things that were going on and even neighbors around us, there were a couple of deaths in the homes. None of it clicked until I put it all together years later. So it’s really fascinating to think about it, the bigger picture. So one of the things I always say is invisible energy often holds the key to any one person’s success or demise.

If you’re struggling, if you’re struggling in your home right now, if you’re struggling in your business, there is probably an energetic reason. I want you to understand that energetic reason of the struggle and know that it might just need a little shift, a little energy clearing shift. So in a few minutes we’re going to start with that. Again, if you would like the ebook on Do-It-Yourself House Clearing, just shoot me an email at lara@larajaye, and I’ll email you that 12-page house clearing; reasons to have it, which I had just mentioned, and then some of the ways I do it, including my prayer and, of course, in English for you all.

There are other things when I go to a house that I look at. I look at geological disturbances. I look at are there negative magnetic fields. I look at negative thoughts of the owners or the occupiers before you. It’s really interesting to look at that, to look at that. Hey, Gretchen, welcome. I look at disturbed emotional energy. I look at and see if there any anger, fear. I look to see if there had been death and destruction, if the native energy is there. Sometimes there’s suicide energy in the land or in the house; other dimensional beings. I always ask and I want to see, but I have traveled the world doing energy clearing as well as I’m doing it remotely, and it’s amazing what it does and how it helps us to move forward in life.

If you’re feeling stuck, and especially right now as many of us are, now is the time, today is the day. We’re going to open up a window and when we do our meditation, not only are we going to clear your energy field, but we’re going to clear the room that you’re in if you want to set that intention along with me. So, again, if you would like that ebook, send me an email at lara@larajaye.com, and I’ll shoot that over to you today.


Let’s see, what else do I want to tell you today? Oh, I have a beautiful new product that is launching today and I’m so excited. I feel like I had a baby on Easter, so it’s called the … which I didn’t, but I kind of did. It’s an energy baby. It’s called The Energy Clearing Collection, and let me put that in your … I’ll put that in the chat box right now and it is … I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, 33 Days of Light Language Meditations For You. There’s a bunch of bonuses and all kinds of things. So take a look at that, and if you’re interested, sign up today right away. It’s normally over 500 and it’s just a hair over 100. You get 33 days in a row of five to seven minute light language meditations for you in all different subjects: healing your body, balancing your life, for your immune system, all kinds of things. So take a look at that page and enjoy that for now.

Any questions before I go on and we do the meditation. Does anybody have any questions on house clearing? So if you, we do this meditation, we clear your space, and you still have like need help or you’re seeing a shadow or something, shoot me. All I need is your address, your full address, and I can take a peek at it and let you know really quick whether you need me or whether this is something you can do. I can let you know that. Some of the things to look for. Hold on here. I want to tell you this because this is important. Some of the things to look for after a home clearing. Hold on here. This is really important, things to look for after. Usually can take up to 30 days, so if it’s a business …

Paula says, “Did you say open a window?” I did say open a window because we want the energy to go out the window. Generally, I instructed to go out a window down, for me, the bottom of the ocean; for most people I’ll say go out through … So we have to tell it where to go or it’s just going to jump in the next house. So it’s just going to go somewhere where it’s easy to get into. So I tell it to go out to the bottom of the ocean or out down, follow the plumbing out and down to the ocean because Mother Earth can handle it. We can’t. So we want to send it back to, say, send it back to God so that may turn it back into love.

Things to look for after house clearing. Of course, depending on why you got it in the first place, are people getting along? Is the place calmer? Do you feel healthier, happier, lighter? Lighter is one thing I hear all the time, calmer. Is there more laughing, less depression, less sadness. Now, if you had really things falling off the walls, plumbing issues, all of that will cease. All of a sudden you might get new opportunities. If the house is for sale, it will sell immediately. You can, all of a sudden, get your clarity back and feel great in this space. Sleep better. I am committed to not only clearing spaces like I do you, your body, but then also refilling it back up. Refilling you up with that love and with that joy and with that happiness.

If anybody has any other questions, let me know. If not, we’re going to go into … we’ll go into our little lovely Easter space clearing meditation and I am so excited. If you do, we’ll come back on afterwards. So go ahead and get in a quiet spot right now. Get in a quiet spot. Close your eyes. Think about the room that you’re in. You might see my hands moving. It’ll almost be like in a tornado fashion, in a funnel-like and instructing it to go out the bottom of the funnel. So if you haven’t already opened the window, feel very grounded, feet on the ground. We call in Holy God, our angels, the archangels, our spirit teams to help us move all of this stuck energy that is in not only our energy fields, but also the room that we’re sitting in. We ask that all of that begins right here and right now over these next few minutes to begin to clear this space. [Light language 00:27:33]

You may or may not feel a swirling around you. I want to keep you grounded and centered in your body while the energy around you is moving out. Energy, anything that’s lower than love, joy, peace, or gratitude has to go. Everything else, of course, that love and joy, peace, happiness, not only do we want it to stay, we want new additional to come in. [Light language 00:29:07]

Again, let that energy around you and in the space and the room that you’re in, anything lower than love, joy, peace, gratitude, happiness has to go. Only the higher frequencies can stay in your space. We’re clearing the room that you’re in. We’re clearing you right now. [Light language 00:30:01]

Let that integrate in your field, in your body for a moment. Take a couple of deep breaths. Very slowly begin to come back to yourself, open your eyes when you’re ready, and know that this energy clearing for you and the room that you were in, we did a space clearing. Know that it will continue over the next couple of days. So some of that sometimes it goes right away and sometimes it takes a little longer. So we just have to trust the process and know that it’s going.

Do you have any questions right now, or let me know, write in the comments, how you’re feeling right now, or have you experienced anything during it? I would love to know. Facebook takes a minute to get it to me. So let me know if you experienced anything while we were doing that. Felt anything, saw anything, everything, or you may not have felt anything, and that’s common as well. It’s okay and it’s okay. The key, what I ask, is that you trust that and hold the intention that it is happening, that it did happen. That is what helps the energy move, and that’s all I need. That’s all I need, for you to trust that it’s happening and to go with the flow.

Helena. Welcome. “I felt a tingling in my scalp and I’m very warm.” Yeah, I’ve got a little heated, too. Awesome. That’s why whenever, especially Archangel Michael and I feel the angels around, I get my hot flashes. So definitely awesome. Glad you … and you’re warm. Yeah, and that’s very, very common. Sometimes you might get exceptionally cold. So a lot of times it’ll go the other way, too. Or, you might be hot up here and cold, your feet are cold. It just depends on, for everyone.

Light language, if this is new to you, light language, it’s like listening to music. So it has a lot of different layers. It imprints this beautiful frequency and vibration into your field and it has instructions. It tells the energy what to do and where to go. Oh Laurie, thank you. You’re welcome. [inaudible 00:34:11] Thank you. Thank you. You, too; all of you as well. Love hanging out here with you, guys. Again, if you would like a Do-It-Yourself House Clearing ebook, it’s 12 pages, I can send that to you today. Just shoot me an email at lara@larajaye.com. I hope everyone just has this incredible, blessed Easter with their families or wherever they’re at in their homes. Enjoy. Enjoy this beautiful, beautiful new day that we have today.