‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook


‘Top 10 Spiritual Practices’ FREE eBook

This is a transcription blog from Lara’s Soulful Sunday event on Facebook Live. You can watch in full here and participate in the light language clearing at the end:  CLICK HERE.

Hello, everyone. I wanted to go on a minute early just to gather my thoughts and let all of you get on here for a moment. Make sure technology is working properly. Hold on here. Janine is on. Hi, Janine. All right, we’ll give it just another minute. I want to make sure all the technology is working and you guys can hear me. Let me try a little … Let me try this. Okay, how’s LA, Ms. Janine? Things crazy there? Well, let me get my little headphones on. There we go. Hear me better? All right, and Laurie’s on. Yay, awesome. We’re just going to give it another minute. I want to make sure. Can everybody hear me okay? Janine: things are quiet in LA. That’s actually good to hear. I’m glad. I’m glad things are quiet over there. Definitely. Definitely.

So I’ve got my little buddy, Dexter. Dexter. I don’t know if he’ll come over though. We’ll see. Come here, Dex. Come here. Come over. They never want to perform when you want them to, right? Like kids. We’ll see if he pops in later. Anyway, I am so excited to be here on our soulful Sunday and … Oh, Vicky’s on. Hi, Vicky. Back from Indiana. How are things in Indiana? How are things in Indiana? Yeah, just go ahead and you can write in the comments, and I want to do a quick recap from last week. If you saw last week’s session, What We Focus On Expands, which I am sure a lot of you have been experiencing a lot of different emotions this last couple of weeks. So we’re going to talk about that as well. What we focus on expands, what we resist persists. So when we try to fight against something, what happens? It’s going to stay there until we can slow down and settle down.

So the most important thing we can do is to stay in the moment, to stay in the now, and know that we are provided for, we are taken care of. All we have is the now, this moment. Michael’s on. Hey, Michael. Trust that we have to stay in the moment. Trust that we have everything that we need right here in this moment and more. Whenever we’re feeling frazzled and start going in a bunch of different directions, take a breath, come back to this moment, be still. My number one tip from last week: be still, and bring that in. So be still. Number two tip from last week, manage the mind chatter. We know that things are going to come up. That’s what happens when we get quiet. That’s why we have the radio going and we want to stay so busy because we don’t want to deal with the things that we’re dealing with, but we have to … not we have to, we get to. How awesome is that? We get to.

So be still, manage the mind chatter, and number three, be mindful. Being mindful, as I mentioned in last week … I’m just doing a quick recap from last week … being mindful is bringing in the five senses, whatever the five … well, you know the five senses; bringing in the five senses in whatever it is you’re doing, whether you’re talking to somebody or eating or playing or working, whatever it is, bring in the five senses. That is how we can be super focused and go from there. So we’re being given … and I really feel like this is a gift … We’re being given this collective timeout right now. We’re all been sent to our rooms is what it feels like to make some new decisions for our lives. Is this who you want to be? Is this how you want to be? Is this how you want to show up? As we make changes within ourselves during this period, it also affects the larger, it affects the collective as I’ve talked about last week.

So I want to know from everybody who’s on, what are you doing with your time? What are you doing with your time? Michael’s on. Rick. Rick. Hey, Rick, a high school buddy. What are you guys doing with your time? Michael says hi. Hey, is the crazy energy from last week going to subside at all this week? No, and James is on. Hey, James. No, it is not going to subside. I am going to tell you that right now. I feel like in the middle of the week we’re going to have a couple of quieter days, and then we’re really just going through a roller coaster. Get ready for the ride. I feel like we’re over one hump right now and we’ve got some more humps to come. So, as we all know, this is not going to be over with in a week. So I want to know … Darn it, I know, right? Sorry, Michael.


I want to know, what’s everybody doing with their time that they haven’t been able to do before? So I’ve been busy shredding things that I’ve been, you’re going to laugh, driving around … I’ve had it in my storage unit for months. I’ve been driving around with this bucket of things for about three months now and … Hey, Laurie … and now I finally started shredding stuff from years and years and years ago. I thought I could find like a big general place that could take it privately, but can’t happen. But the interesting thing is a lot of it is my old journals, even from early 2000 and when I was going through a really rough time. So it’s really interesting for me to see, to look back and go, “Okay, finally time to shred the past and start over.”

So write in the comments, what else are you guys are all doing with this time? Are you using it to write a book? Are you just basically trying to catch up? I’ve been updating, catching up, updating my website, reaching out to people I haven’t talked to in a while. Like I said, shredding, getting rid of things that I no longer need in my life. I’ve been doing a lot, doing a lot of that, and cooking. Just having lots of fun cooking with the kids and eating super healthy; walking almost every day. Recording some … been recording some new meditations. I can’t wait to share those with you. They should be done in about a week to 10 days. Restarted writing in a gratitude journal. James, I like what you wrote. Yard work. Yeah, we all have yard … yard work drums. oh yeah, your love. Working out, educating myself about the situation, and lots of meditation. That’s awesome, James. That’s really great. That’s great. Vicky: getting out for a walk in the fresh air. That’s awesome.

I will tell you that the comments on Facebook are super delayed for me getting them, so I’ll try to give filler information while they take a while to pop in, pop up. And Vicky, what is the weather like in Indiana right now? Are you there? I thought you were … I know James you’re down here in Florida. About half the people on right now are here in Florida, and the rest are spread throughout the world. I know Laura, you’re on the East Coast. James, I’m really glad you’ve gotten … We’re getting to fill that piece of us, the drums, the creativeness that a lot of us haven’t got to do in a really long time. So I’m really excited that everyone’s getting to do things like that.

So a few things while I’m still waiting on Facebook to update because they’re pokey pants. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, internet has been very, very slow and that’s what everyone is on. Everyone’s, especially Facebook, using a lot of bandwidth right now. Even if your internet is fast, a lot of times the pages aren’t loading just because they’re overloaded. There’s so many people, we’re having … I was having trouble on my Shining Soul call last week and we had to switch from our free conference call to Zoom midstream because it just wouldn’t work. So, let’s see here.

So I want to know a few things … or I want you to know a few things we can all do right now. I was really go … I talked about this last week, going within, going within, taking the time for yourself, and number one, think about getting rid of toxic, anything toxic in your life, whether it be food, it could be people, it could be stuff in your house. I was noticing that the box of shredded items was taking up some energy in my space. I really love to be clutter-free, but this was this one thing that I was just carrying it around from house to house, from storage unit to storage unit, and then into my car, and then I would stop at a couple different UPS stores, and then it was never felt right to leave it at the UPS store or leave it at a shredding place because basically it was going to sit around for a while for them all to read. I don’t know. I don’t know, but I did not feel called to leave it. I’m kind of glad because I’ve gotten to actually look at the pieces as I shred them and let go of that energy. Let go of that toxic energy. So what’s still in your life that is holding you down, that’s holding you back? Really, really look at that. That’s what this time is for.

Vicky says was great last three days, close to 70 in Indiana. That’s great. Today, Wendy feels like would have been in Florida this week. I know you should have been in Florida. There’s a lot of people who did not get to come. There’s Rose. Rose is across the way in plantation near Miami. So number one, get rid of the toxic people in your life. Number two, like I said, gratitude. We got to come back to this thankfulness, and I restarted my gratitude journal complaining and thinking. When I start, I am going down … my head is going down the same route as everybody else, and we’re going to talk about that here in a minute and where the different directions we can go, but gratitude, we’ve got to be thankful for whatever it is that we can find to be thankful for in this. We’re all in this together.

Then a third thing … actually, I put all three together: meditation, walking and prayer. I put all of that together. I do them all at once, and that’s the third thing I’ve really been focusing on. Fourth, I want you to envision, and I’ve been doing this, envision what you want it to look like for you and your family when we come out of this. Do you want to come out the same person? Maybe you do, and that’s okay. Maybe you’re that awesome already. I’m jealous and … just kidding. That’s awesome. If you really know exactly who you are and have your life in that order, that this really hasn’t even tumbled you, that’s awesome. Tell us about it. Tell us what you did to do that. But for those of us, for everyone else who, like, “Hey, I could do things a little bit different,” envision what it would look like for you and your family if you had your own little piece of heaven on earth, in your own little microcosm? What would that look like? What would it look like for you? What would it look like for your family? That’s all you need to think about as you, right now, as we’re being given this little timeout.

Hi, Molly, I miss you, and Carrie’s on. Hey, Carrie. Great. So what does it look like in your life? So as you create your own little ideal life, as you create your little own heaven on earth … As I talked about last week, we are all going to be affected by the decisions that you make, by the decisions that I make, you are going to be affected. So what do you want that to look like? How do you want to come out of this? That’s really the question I want you to think about. How do you want to come out of this? So we’re being called, we’re all being called to go back to the basics. So what and who is really important in your life, the rest of it needs to go. What and who is really important in your life? The rest of it, we don’t have time for, we don’t have the money for it, why chase it?

There’s Paula. Hey, Paula. No worries being late. Great to see you the other day. Even if you were six feet apart, but more than that six feet. I do came out for sunset. So what I want to know is what’s coming up for everybody over the last couple of weeks? What’s the biggest struggle you’re having? I’ve talked to a lot of clients. We’re all going through a lot of different things. One of the biggest things that I’m hearing for people who are by themselves is loneliness. Even if they’re not by themselves, maybe they’re still lonely. So loneliness has been probably the number one thing that I’ve heard from a lot of people. A lot of fear, and I want to dive into that even more. Fear of not being able to pay bills. What is the fear of? Is it just like a constant fear? A lot of anxiety. A lot of people really, really having anxiety attacks, confusion, so want to know from everybody … Fear, Janet says. Oh, Janet’s on. Hi, Janet. Fear. Yeah, a lot of fear. Janet, do you know what the fear is specifically? Is it fear of the unknown? Fear of how am I going to pay bills? Fear of anything specific for anyone that they want to share.

Again, Facebook is lagging a little, so I’ll let that come in for a second and keep talking. What I want to say is that it’s not … what’s happening out there is not happening to you. It’s not happening to me. It’s not happening to you. It’s happening for you. It’s happening for us. I know that we can’t see that right now. I can’t pretend that I can see that this is all great, grand, and glorious because there’s a lot of sadness going on. There’s a lot of heartbreak. I see a lot of people being laid off. I see a lot of people just being sick, just being, getting the virus, being sick from it. Lot of deaths. This is not … but there’s a lot of us who are going to come out of this without even getting the virus, or getting the virus and getting well. So that’s why those of us who are still healthy, what is it that … to understand, what is it that you want to learn from this? It’s not happening to you. It’s happening for you.

Janet wrote fear of the virus. Yes, fear of getting sick, absolutely. James, watching others panic and argue. Argue … I haven’t seen any arguments. Definitely seeing a lot of panic. Arguments, what are they arguing over? Of course, I don’t have cable TV, and if it’s not on Facebook once a day, then I don’t really know about it. So I’m going to be real honest. So I’ve actually had to be more diligent in the last couple of weeks at searching for news, and credible news. But I can’t be around and watch the … or submit myself to the arguing or the panicking. So are they arguing, is it over not finding toilet paper? Michael: “One thing I want to get is to learn to live one day at a time, to stay present.” Yes. I love that, Michael. I’m really trying to focus on that as well, and not think so much about what’s out here. It’s okay. How can I be in tune with myself in all ways, in the decisions I make, and what I eat and work-wise, everything? So thank you Michael for that, yeah.

Laurie wrote, “Me, too.” Great. Awesome. So definitely that … it breaks my heart that people are arguing as much as they are. I’ve talked to a lot of local restaurants where they’ve had to lay off people, people that this we live paycheck to paycheck and are feeding their children. They’re feeding their children with their job at the restaurant, and they’ve been laid off. It’s not just happening here. It’s happening worldwide. I don’t have any answer. I just know it makes me really sad, and I want to do whatever I can to stay healthy and safe, but yet support, if I can, the outside support, whoever I can in the outside.

Oh, Cindy joined. Hi, Cindy. So remember, it’s not happening to you. It’s happening for us, and to bring us back to surrendering and allowing this. It’s going to happen. So are we going to fight it? Are we going to try to resist? But, remember, what we resist persists, and what we focus on expands. So if we can relax into this, bring ourselves back to the moment, and re-center. Right before I got on, I was praying and I was like, “Okay, what, what … Any last words that you have for me or that you want me to say?” I kind of giggled when I got this message because it was for me, but it was for all of us, and it was slow down and calm down. I like that: slow down and calm down, everything is going to be okay. They said more than okay. Slow down and calm down, everything is going to be okay, more than okay. So I love that message because I needed to hear it. I hope you did, too.

Vicky says, “I want to support restaurants, but fear going out to get it. Maybe those preparing or assisting are sick.” I completely agree, Vicky. I know. One of the things that I am really seeing is … a lot of people are saying they’re seeing groups of people. I got an email the other day from our community pool and they’re like, “You’re too close to each other.” But part of this is they’re people that are already living together, and so then they go out together, which is okay. Then they stay six feet away from the other group that’s living together. So I know this is really delicate and hard and, of course, those people maybe don’t know that these people live together or vice-versa, I don’t know. I don’t know the answer except we have to follow. We have to follow our own God, our own intuition, and that’s what this time is about is doing that. So slow down and calm down, everything is going to be okay, more than okay. I know I needed to hear that today.

Again, whenever we’re feeling in the moment that things are getting a little crazy, bring us back to the moment. Dexter’s growling over here. Dexter, come here. Dexter. Somebody must be out at the pool that he’s barking up. Anyway, so slow down and calm down. Love it. So I want to do… let’s see, a meditation today, and really just focus on some of these things that we’ve talked about that we’re really feeling. So if everyone, I did the explanation last week of light language. I think pretty much everyone on here has heard my light language. Feel free to go back and watch the first one. It’s all on Facebook on my page, but it’s also on YouTube as well, my YouTube channel, so you can hear the explanation of light language if you’re new to that and where it comes from and what it is.

Basically, if you can just sit back and relax, close your eyes. We’re going to do a very brief meditation, so we can all slow down and calm down. That is our message for today, our beautiful Sunday that we all get to be together. So go ahead and close your eyes, and I’m just going to close mine and check out for a minute, and thank you all for coming in. I’ll bring us all back and talk for another minute. Hold on. Take a couple of really deep breaths. Bring yourself back to you. Maybe you put your hand on your heart, a hand on your stomach. Be very present in your body. Oftentimes in meditation, we want to get out of our world or we want to numb ourselves. Just like numbing ourselves with eating or drinking, we can also numb ourselves in meditation. But we want to stay very present in this meditation. We want to stay very present in our body. We want to feel. We want to feel whatever it is that we’re feeling. I want you to just feel in your body any stiffness or any frustration that you’re feeling. What emotion is it that is coming to mind for you and where does it live in your body?

So pick an emotion and where does it live in your body? A lot of times our stomachs, also called our solar plexus, our stomachs hold a lot of not only our emotions, but other people’s emotions. Other times we might have things stuck in our neck and maybe have trouble speaking our truth, our heart. It could be anywhere, could be on your shoulder, could be on your arm. We all have stuck emotions, and next week I’m going to talk more about energy and stuck energy and what it looks like and how it shows up.

So right now, though, we’re feeling these different emotions. This rollercoaster ride that we’re on. We’re feeling these emotions in our body. You might be feeling sick to your stomach and it could be anything. So tap into that feeling right now. Feel that emotion and I want you to name it. Put your hand on it. We’re going to focus on it. For a moment, as we know what we focus on expands, but at the same time we’re going to start sending it love. We’re going to start sending that place in our body that’s been holding, whatever that deep emotion is that we’ve been holding and keeping inside of us. Something that maybe we’ve had trouble letting go of. We might have been trying to stay busy this week and not even feel this or skirt around it.

So right now we’re feeling it and we’re sending it love, whatever that emotion is in your body. As I begin to do the light language, just let the light language again, like music, it’s a vibration. It’s a frequency. Let it float all over your field, over your body, over that area of emotion that you’re ready to let go of. [Light language 00:25:40]

Feel that light language. Sprinkle love all over your body, letting release whatever needs to release, whatever you’re ready to let go of. At the same time, feel yourself just filled with beautiful love from above, love and joy and happiness and peace, calmness. Feel yourself refocused. Any confusion you had is gone. You have only clarity, and you know at any time during the day when you feel overwhelmed or afraid, that you can come back to this place and this time, come back to yourself. Take a couple of deep breaths, feel whatever it is that you need to feel, and send it love. We don’t have to be afraid of our emotions. We don’t have to be afraid of the future. We can feel whatever it is. As long as we’re in the moment, everything is always perfect.

So, very slowly, begin to wiggle your toes. Come back into your body. Wake yourself up. How’s everybody feeling? Gretchen’s on. Hi, Gretchen. Lisa. Hi, Lisa, and Annie and Amy. Gretchen, we miss you down here, and it’s been an honor hanging with your daughter, so thank you. Thank you for sharing her. How’s everybody doing? How’s everybody feeling after that meditation. Great. Paul says great. Good. Good, good, good. Love the hearts. Awesome. Awesome, awesome.

Well, please feel free to reach out to me anytime. Watch this again if you want to get some more, and I’ll be back definitely, for sure, next Sunday at noon. I’m just blown away at all of you, and so excited. Remember, our … Molly, thank you, feeling better. Awesome. I miss you, Molly. My partner in crime at salt, and Gretchen. Oh, love you Laura. Thanks. Liana. Hi, Liana. Oh my gosh, all the way from LA. I forgot where I was going … oh, our message. Slow down. Our collective message for today: slow down and calm down, everything is going to be okay. It really is. It really is. Michael, feeling calm and slow. I like that, slow, and today’s Sunday, we can be slow. Feeling grounded, James. Great. Janet, “Love the hearts,” and Jill, “Relaxed.” Carrie, thank you, thank you, thank you. Smiles and blessings, Molly.

I know we don’t have our normal places that we go to and that we meet people, and so we’ve got to make a concerted effort to really meet here online, whether it be Zoom or Facebook. The kids last night, they did a wine date night with a girlfriend in St. Pete, and that was so fun to see them … they were sitting out on the deck, Facebook or FaceTime Live … forgive me, all these tech names, Face Live, whatever, FaceTime. I’m not all the way back in. It’s so fun to see them do that, and we all need to do that, too, to make sure, because the loneliness could be very, very prevailing. So we’ve got to do what we can, take care of ourselves, whatever that means right now at this time. So I wish you all a fabulous Sunday and I look forward to seeing you next week. Again, reach out during the week if you need anything. Anyway, lots of love, and have a soulful Sunday.