I was asked recently WHY I do what I do. What propels me to keep going? The answer is two-fold. To begin, it’s personal. From the outside-looking in, I was living the “picture perfect” life—wonderful husband, two great kids, successful marketing company, fabulous vacations, beautiful home, pillar of the community and more. However, on the inside, a storm was brewing. I was struggling with a deep depression, major health crisis, end of my 25-year marriage, self-hatred, becoming an empty nester, and increased frustration with my marketing company that I didn’t have the strength to sustain. As the CEO/leader in the community, I struggled to find someone to turn to that could help me navigate the stormy waters. I was seeking and searching and couldn’t find what I was looking for — so I created that person! Easier said than done…by the way🧐
And secondly, it’s global. I have a deep desire to see corporations (small or large) treat their team members fairly, allowing them room to grow and even encouraging each person to lead a holistic lifestyle that encompasses ALL areas of their lives. Of course, my reason for this is also personal—lost my marriage over it (both overwork myself and my husband) and another family member was hospitalized for stress due to working 7 days a week for several weeks at a time. I’ve also had many friends crash from over-work and not enough down time. The DO-DO-DO mentality. We forgot to just BE.   By the way, we are human-BEINGs, not human-DOINGs!  
Instead, often companies monopolize each employee’s time with pressure to stay at the office. Even if our company doesn’t put pressure on us, we tend to do it to ourselves, ignoring other important aspects of ourselves.  Our productivity declines, our health suffers, relationships crash.   And, we keep working.   Every person needs time each day to care for themselves in a holistic way —their mind, body, spirit, emotions and energy. Let alone time with their families. If their daily job is consuming their life force and they are not able to fit in time to feed other areas of their lives, they can not live at their highest and best.  
Recently, I flew across the country to a family member’s funeral on a Friday evening. As I walked in, I was greeted with, “Why on earth are you here? You should be home working.”    NO, I shouldn’t be home working on a Friday night when there’s a family funeral. And, neither should YOU! It must start with US though. We’ve been programmed that WORK always should be first and our families and spouses — well, we’ll see them when we retire. I dare to tell you that they will be gone long before that and will not be waiting around until you retire.     Life is about being present with yourself, your Sprit, and your other relationships. It’s about about taking care of yourself FIRST AND FOREMOST, then, the rest can fall into place. It starts with a choice though. A choice to choose YOU.  When you do… productivity increases, happiness returns, health expands, and relationships can grow. I do this for me. I do this for my family.  If you’re ready to grow holistically in your mind, body, spirit, emotions and energy, CLICK HERE!